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Okinoerabu-jima island Tourism(Amami/Kagoshima)

Travel by ferry on the Amami Islands【7 nights 8 days】 model course(Kagoshima)

As a World Heritage candidate in January 2017, it was decided to officially recommend "Amami Oshima, Tokunoshima, Northern Okinawa Island and Iriomote Island" as a natural heritage to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). ※ The schedule is as of July 2017. ※ Check the current ship's time etc on each official website 1.About ferries of Naha (Okinawa) ⇔ Amami Islands (Kagoshima) Naha (Okinawa) ⇔ Amami Islands ⇔ Kagoshima ferries have departed one cruise a day. The two companies "Marix Line" and "Marue Ferry" are alternatingly in service each day. ▼Marix Line/マリックスライン http://www.marixline.com/ ▼MaruA Ferry/マルエーフェリー http://www.aline-ferry.com/index.html You ...

Yoron Port in Yoron Island

Yoron Island Tourism(Kagoshima)

Yoron Island is a subtropical island encircled by coral reefs. Because the Amami Islands do not correspond to English much, You need ingenuity in communication. 1. How to get to Yoron Island(access) 2. What is the traffic in Yoron Island? 3. Recommended for Yoron Island! Attractions 【Day 1】 4. Recommended for Yoron Island! Attractions 【Day 2】 5. Yoron Island included! Amami Islands Travel Map 1. How to get to Yoron Island(access) 1-1.Airplane 【Naha Airport - Yoron Airport】 40 minutes 【Kagoshima Airport - Yoron Airport】 1 hour 15 minutes 【Amami Airport - Yoron Airport】 45 minutes 【Amami Airport - Okinoerabu Airport】 ...

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