「 Ueno 」 一覧

Hanazono Inari Shrine

Ueno Park Cherry Blossom Spot (Sakura)

From the end of March to the beginning of April , you can enjoy the cherry blossoms at the Ueno (Sakura) area. I will recommend the course of a few hours. 【Start】Ueno Station Park Exit is best ,But it is busy,Shinobazu Exit is better. ↓ Near the entrance of Ueno Park ↓ Ueno Toshogu In front of the torii, a lot of people take pictures. ↓ There are a lot of stalls, looks like a festival. ↓ Five-story pagoda You can see only three-story in this photo... ↓ main temple building with Cherry Blossom. ↓ Ueno Buddha Ueno Buddha was damaged ...

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