「 Tokuno-shima Island Tourism 」 一覧

Innojoufuta is beautiful even at dusk@Tokuno-shima Island Tourism(Amami/Kagoshima)

Tokuno-shima Island Tourism(Amami/Kagoshima)

I was doing island hopping in the Amami Islands. Next to “Okinoerabu-jima island”, I went to Tokuno-shima Island by ferry. On Tokunoshima, They do not correspond to English much... It might be better to visit with friends who can speak Japanese. 1. Access to Tokunoshima (Direction) 2. Tourist spots in Tokunoshima 【Day 1】 3. Tourist spots in Tokunoshima 【Day 2】 4. 【MAP】the Amami Islands journey 1. Access to Tokunoshima (Direction) You can access by airplane and ferry. 1-1.Airplane 60 minutes from Kagoshima Airport to Tokunoshima Airport 1-2.Ferry About 14 hours and half from Kagoshima Port About seven and a half ...

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