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Takachiho Kyo Gorge,(Miyazaki)

Takachiho Kyo Gorge,Kunimigaoka(Miyazaki)

Takachiho is known for its beautiful valley. It is also known as Kagura(Kagura is a performance dedicated to God). ▼【Youtube】The town of Myths and Legends Shinto・Takachiho Takachiho Amaterasu Railway "Super cart" run the trace of "Takachiho Railway Takachiho Line" which became an obsolete line in December 2008. Departing from the former "Takachiho station", will cross the "Takachiho bridge" known as the highest railway bridge in Japan in the active era, and come back. It is about 30 minutes round trip. While watching rural scenery such as rice terrace, Super Cart runs. The rice terraces of Takachiho are quite good. Super cart is ...

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