「 Sakura 」 一覧

Yasukuni Shrine

Yasukuni Shrine and Chidorigafuchi Cheery Blossom Sakura(Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo)

【Start】Iidabashi Station ↓ You can enjoy cherry trees along the river. ↓ Yasukuni Shrine South Gate Yasukuni Shrine Yasukuni Shrine is a place that has a special meaning for the Japanese. Because the soldiers who gave their lives for the country, are enshrined. Many Cheery Blossoms have nameplate on written of troops name. The soul of the soldiers will exist in the cherry tree,I think. So, please do not step on their roots. Haiden (Main Hall) Please pay your respects, when you come here. Daiichi Torii (First Shrine Gate or Great Gate) ↓ Chidorigafuchi Chidorigafuchi green road has extended along ...

Shiba Toshogu

Shiba Park Cherry Blossom(Minato-ku,Tokyo)

Shiba Park is one of the oldest parks in Japan. It is near the Tokyo Tower, you may visit together. 【Start】Shiba Park Station ↓ Near Shiba Park Station In the sunshine filtering through foliage, two woman were enjoying the various flowers. ↓ Shiba Toshogu Toshogu is a shrine that was dedicated to Ieyasu Tokugawa (Shogun of the Edo era) There were some Tosyogu in Japan. ↓ Tokyo Tower with Field mustard In Shiba Park, I want to take a picture of the "Tokyo Tower + something". Zojoji Temple Daiden (Hondo: Main Hall)with Tokyo Tower After cleanse myself in the incense, ...

Hanazono Inari Shrine

Ueno Park Cherry Blossom Spot (Sakura)

From the end of March to the beginning of April , you can enjoy the cherry blossoms at the Ueno (Sakura) area. I will recommend the course of a few hours. 【Start】Ueno Station Park Exit is best ,But it is busy,Shinobazu Exit is better. ↓ Near the entrance of Ueno Park ↓ Ueno Toshogu In front of the torii, a lot of people take pictures. ↓ There are a lot of stalls, looks like a festival. ↓ Five-story pagoda You can see only three-story in this photo... ↓ main temple building with Cherry Blossom. ↓ Ueno Buddha Ueno Buddha was damaged ...

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