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Furuzamami beach

Kerama Islands 【3days】model course(okinawa)

Kerama Islands has been specified in the "national park" in the March 5, 2014. Kerama Islands has the sea boasts the beauty of the world's leading We represent the color of the sea as "Kerama Blue". 【Day 1】Zamami Island 【9:00AM】Tomari Port(Naha) High-Speed Queen Zamami →Time Schedule ↓ 【9:50AM】Zamami Island Zamami Island Sight Seeing If you are lucky,You can see beautiful sunset. Stay Zamami Island 【Day 2】Aka island,Geruma island, Fukaji island 【10:00AM】Zamami Island High-Speed Queen Zamami →Time Schedule ↓ 【10:10AM】Aka island You can go to Geruma island, Fukaji island across the bridge From Aka island. Aka island,Geruma island, Fukaji island Sight ...

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