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Ice breaker GARINKO GOⅡ(Only Winter)

Monbetsu in winter(Hokkaido)

I moved from Lake Akan to Monbetsu by East Hokkaido Express Bus. Because I would to participate in the drift ice cruise. ▼East Hokkaido Express Bus http://www.easthokkaido.com/english/bus/ Downtown of Monbetsu in Winter I liked retro cityscape. Ice breaker GARINKO GOⅡ(Only Winter) If you are lucky,you can see drift ice. Sea with thin ice. The sky is reflected on the surface of the sea. Garinko GOII goes while crushing drift ice. The eagle stood on the top of the ice floe. Since the waves are trapped in ice, the sea was quiet. You can see the Monbetu town over the drift ...

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