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Sightseeing Castle town Obi! 4 hour model course such as Old house, gourmet etc (Miyazaki)

2018/06/13   -Kyushu, Miyazaki

Obi(飫肥/おび) flourished as a castle town for 280 years from 1588 to the beginning of the Meiji era. The townscape with the samurai residence, Stone wall, plaster walls was selected as the important traditional building group conservation area in 1977. I will share the course that I did sightseeing for about 4 hours. 1. Course which took a walk for 4 hours for Castle town Obi 1-1. The diplomat in the Meiji era! Jyutaro Komura birthplace Mr. Jyutaro Komura is a diplomat who played an active part in the late Meiji period. Obi is the place where Mr. Jyutaro Komura ...

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