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Matsuyama Castle

Matsuyama Castle(Ehime)

2016/04/18   -Ehime, Shikoku

You can go around the tourist destination easy in Matsuyama city,because public transportation is developed. First, you must go Matsuyama Castle. 【Start】JR Matsuyama Station ↓ Tram line5/160en ↓ [tram stop]Matuyama city hall You can take a photo the tram and the Matsuyama Castle. ↓ walk ↓ Hachikoenoki Daimyojin This "Hachikoenoki Daimyojin" is a place that has not been posted on the tourist guide. You can see the red torii consecutive. ↓ walk ↓ Bansui-sou Bansui-sou was built in the pure French style, by whom France life was longer as the Army military attaché. It is a "French-style architecture" of Japanese ...

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