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Isshōchi Station

[Kumamoto departure] Train Journey by the SL(steam locomotive) Hitoyoshi

2016/09/25   -Kumamoto, Kyushu

I enjoyed the the SL(steam locomotive)trip from Kumamoto Station to Hitoyoshi Onsen(Hot spa) about in 2.5 hours. Kumamoto Station Now, it is the beginning of the journey Interior is also nice This steam locomotive's Nickname is"86(hachi-roku)" This steam locomotive's Nickname is"86(hachi-roku)" ,Because it is "8620 series". Kumamon was on this steam locomotive with a pendant of the "86". Homemade "Steam Locomotive Hitoyoshi attractions MAP in SUMMER" The Staff of Steam Locomotive Hitoyoshi gave us homemade Map. Trains are stopping about 5 minutes or 10 minutes, depending on the station. So you can take pictures. Yashiro Station I saw the great ...

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