「 hanazono jinja shrine market 」 一覧

Hanazono Jinja Tori no ichi

Hanazono Jinja Shrine(Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo)

Do you know that there is a "shrine" in the middle of Shinjuku? I will introduce "Hanazono Shrine" which is settled in Shinjuku. Hanazono Jinja Shrine Shinjuku-ku Tangible Cultural Property "Kara-shishi(lion dogs)" protect the entrance. It is mysterious that the bustle of Shinjuku will be far away as you pass through the torii. Hall of worship. I guess It has watched over the change of Shinjuku. "Itoku Inari shrine" is also settled. The "Itoku Inari shrine" has dedicated red torii. In addition, "Geinou-Asama-Shrine". "Geinou" means "entertainment". Shinjuku was deeply involved in the performance of drama and dance from the Edo ...

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