「 Fukagawa fudo 」 一覧

Fukagawa fudo

Tomioka hachimangu(Shrine)+Fukagawa fudo(Temple)/Koutou-ku,Tokyo

In "Monzen Nakamachi" area , you can visit the shrine and the temple together. Fukagawa fudo(Temple) "Fukagawa fudo" is not a shrine but a temple of hte Shingon Buddhist. So this is not Torii gate. Downtown from the Edo period. Former main hall "mantra(words to dedicate)" is indicated. Here is a temple. So You must train to become a Buddha. There was also Inari shrine called "Kaiun-Inari-Jijya" in the precincts. In Japan, shrines that appreciate God and temples that aim for the Buddha, coexist, will coexist in the future. ▼【Offcial】Fukagawa fudo(Temple) http://fukagawafudou.gr.jp/index.html Tomioka hachimangu(Shrine) I came to Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine. ...

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