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Sightseeing the Aoshima shrine and Devil’s Washboard (Miyazaki)

Sightseeing the Aoshima shrine and Devil's Washboard (Miyazaki)

I traveled in Miyazaki prefecture by the Nichinan Line Train. 1. Access to Aoshima shrine from Miyazaki Airport 1-1. 【Train】 From Miyazaki Airport Station to Aoshima Station From Miyazaki airport to Aoshima station, you will access by Nichinan Line. Nichinan Line is convenient if you get on, but the number of trains is small. I recommend that you schedule in advance by checking the timetable. * Google map is compatible * You can not use the prepaid cards such as "suica" in Nichinan Line depending on the section. At Miyazaki airport station, I could buy a ticket with "suica" by ...

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