Kannawa Onsen/Hot Springs (Beppu,Oita)

Yu-kemuri(Steam)area@kannawa onsen,beppu Kyushu

From Oita Airport, You arrived at Kannawa Onsen.
Now, let’s enjoy Kannawa Onsen.

1.Speaking of Kannawa Onsen, “Steam”!!4 ways to enjoy steam

Kannawa area has benn famous for Steam Food, Jigoku-mushi, since the Edo period .
Jigoku-mushi use hot steam from the jigoku onsen.

1-1.Enjoy Steam Food at Facilities

There are two facilities where you can enjoy “Steam Food, Jigoku-mushi” in Kannawa Onsen area.

Jigoku Steam Workshop Kannawa

▼Because it is in the spa town, this will be easy to use.

Steamed Dish Kitchen Kannawa

▼If you are driving, “Steamed Dish Kitchen Kannawa” along Route 500 will be recommended.

1-2.Enjoy Steam Food at hotel,Ryokan

The above Facilities are open to everyone.
You can experience “Steam Food, Jigoku-mushi” easily, but “waiting time” seems to occur,For example weekend.
For people who are not good at such congestion, I recommend a hotel or Ryokan with “Steam Spot(Jigoku-gama)”.

In case of “Yanagiya” I stayed at
Yanagiya has eight “Steam Spot(Jigoku-gama)” and Shared Kitchen.

I cut the vegetables in a shared kitchen and line up in the cage.
Steam Spot(Jigoku-gama)
I did not care for anyone, I could relax and enjoy “Steam Food,Jigoku-mushi”.


1-3.Enjoy Steam foot bath

There is a foot steam bath in the kannawa onsen area.
Enjoy Steam foot bath@kannawa onsen
Since bathing method is affixed inside the hall, let’s steadily steam your legs properly.

1-4.Enjoy “kannawa mushiyu”

Let’s enjoy a unique bathing method.

▼kannawa mushiyu

2.Let ‘s take a walk through Kannawa Onsen area

I left the accommodation before 17:00 and came back around 18:20.
It is about 1 hour 20 minutes course.

Yumetake(Bamboo hot spring thermal cooling device)

umetake(Bamboo hot spring thermal cooling device)@Kannawa onsen
The source of Kannawa onsen is high temperature, it is not suitable for bathing as it is.
If you water, “freshness” “quality” are sacrificed.
Therefore, they use chin and bamboo branch to cool.


Yu-kemuri(Steam)area@kannawa onsen,beppu
There are a lot of “hell” around the Yumetake, and Steam was blowing up steadily.

Yu-kemuri(Steam)area@kannawa onsen,beppu
It seems to be a factory.

Yu-kemuri(Steam)area@kannawa onsen,beppu
It was a big excitement

Foot steam bath

Enjoy Steam foot bath@kannawa onsen
Here’s a break with “foot steaming bath”. It is a foot sauna.

Beppu Yukemuri Observatory (syun-ku Park)

Beppu Yukemuri Observatory (syun-ku Park)@kannawa onsen
From here, you can see a view of Yukemuri and Beppu Bay.

Steam Spot(Hellcat kettle)

Steam Spot(Hellcat kettle)@kannawa onsen ,beppu
It seems to be a “hell kettle” that has been used carefully for many years.
A trash can be nearby, it is part of life.

Beppu stone paving

Beppu stone paving@kannawa@oita
It is characterized by red.

Kokochi Cafe Musubino

Kokochi Cafe Musubino@kannawa,oita
It was a holiday when a manager visited.
Sunset reflected in the window was beautiful

▼Kokochi Cafe Musubino

Viewing slope

There is a scenic point when climbing a steep slope behind Nethu-no-Yu.
Viewing slope@kannawa,beppu,oita
The shining building in front is popular as a pachinko parlor (bitter smile).

Viewing slope@kannawa,beppu,oita
Yukemuri is coming up, and the electric wire directs the atmosphere of “Showa”.

【Goal】Kannawa Ginza Street

Kannawa Ginza Street@beppu,oita
In order to get the ingredients, once passing “Yanagiya” at the accommodation, go to “Kotobuki-ya shop.”
Of course I bought a beer with “Hell steaming set”
Can you see that steam is coming from the road?
It is a scenery of a spa town

3.【Homemade】Kannawa Onsen walk map

I will be happy if I can help you (* ̄ー ̄*)

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