Oita airport→Beppu station→Kannawa Onsen(Spa)

Foot Spa@Oita Airport Kyushu

I will show you how to enjoy Oita airport, and access to Beppu station and Kannawa Onsen(Spa).

How to enjoy Oita Airport

Let’s eat Local food

Oita prefecture has lots of specialties.
At Oita Airport, you can eat specialty dishes from Oita Prefecture.

Let's eat Local food(Oita Airport)
Set meals that can eat Oita specialty “Dango soup” and “Chicken rice” together.

Let's eat Local food(Oita Airport)
The bowl that fish fillet with soy sauce(and so on) on rice
▼Nanase (Japanese)

▼There is also a sushi shop:Sora

Let’s enjoy Foot Spa

Foot Spa@Oita Airport
There is a foot spa sourced from a free-flowing hot spring available to use free of charge.

Let’s get Souvenir

Souvenir@Oita Airport
We recommend “hand towel” with hot-spring prefecture logo and airplane illustration.

Access To Beppu Station from Oita Airport

From Oita airport, we recommend taking a bus to go to Beppu station.
※ There is only a bus for public transportation.

There are two ways to go by bus to Beppu Station.

1)Take a bus to Beppu Station
※About 50min.
※The number of buses is small

2)Take a bus to Oita Station (via Beppu Kitahama) ,and get off “Beppu-Kitahama”.
Let’s walk from “Beppu-Kitahama” to Beppu station for about 5 minutes.
The number of buses is larger than “To Beppu station”.

▼Oita kotsu To Beppu Station from Oita Airport Timetable

Because there is no English in Japanese only, I will explain.
Access To Beppu Station from Oita Airport

A popup window will be displayed
Access To Beppu Station from Oita Airport

Then the time schedule for that time will be displayed.
Access To Beppu Station from Oita Airport
This timetable is part of the one in December 2016.

▼Please search the timetable of the day you visit Beppu.

Access To Kannawa onsen(hot spa) from Beppu Station

There are many kinds of buses from Beppu station to Kannawa onsen(hot spa).

▼A list is displayed on the official website of Beppu city.

However, there are too many, it is hard to understand.
So I recommend “GURU SP BUS” of sightseeing bus.

▼Kamenoi bus”GURU SP BUS”
If you take a “spa bath” with a pink sticker, you will get off “Kannawa” in 16 minutes from Beppu station.

There is also a one-day(two-day) ticket, so let’s use it according to your schedule.

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