Nezu shrine with many red toriis!Azalea’s season is recommended (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)

Nezu shrine(Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) Bunkyo-ku

There are many Inari shrines with many red torii in Tokyo.
Among them, “Nezu shrine” is popular.
I was overwhelmed by not only the red torii but also the buildings designated as important cultural properties.
※Confirm precautions for taking photos

1.Nezu shrine

Nezu shrine(Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
There is a big torii at the entrance of the road approaching a shrine.

Nezu shrine(Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
Kamihashi(bridge) and Roumon(Tower gate) (important cultural property designated by the country)
The red color is gorgeous.

Nezu shrine(Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
Temizusya(Place to clean your hands and mouth).

Nezu shrine(Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
“Karamon” and “hall of worship” which are both designated as important cultural assets of the country.

2.Otome-inari shrine with many red toriis

Otome-inari shrine@Nezu shrine
I wanted to see the most is Torii gates of this “Otome Inari”.
It seems that azaleas will bloom in the spring

Otome-inari shrine@Nezu shrine

3.Komagome-inari shrine

Komagome-inari shrine@Nezu shrine
There is another Inari shrine.
I was wondering how long this fox had been in this place.

4.Azalea’s season is recommended

Azalea's season is recommended!Nezu shrine
There is “Azalea Garden” in the precincts of Nezu shrine.
Mid-April to late is the best season of azalea (depending on the climate of that year).

Azalea's season is recommended!Nezu shrine
You can enjoy a rough azalea and a series of torii.

Azalea's season is recommended!Nezu shrine
I recommend visiting Nedu Shrine the azalea season.

▼【Offcial Site】Nezu shrine

Access to Nezu Shrine

▼ Train (Subway)
· Chiyoda Line Nezu Station · Sendagi Station, Nanboku Line “Tokyo Univ. Station” 5 minutes on foot
· Mita line “Hakusan Station” 10 minutes on foot

▼ You can go by bus. For details, please check the official website
http: //


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