Recommend Anamori-Inari-Shrine!for killing time(transit or layover) at Haned Airport

Anamori-Inari-Shrine Tokyo

If you want to kill time at a transfer ,layover at Haneda Airport…
I recommend visiting Anamori Inari Shrine and the big Torii ,which old Anamori Inari Shrine Torii.
It takes about 30 minutes to travel.
In the daytime, trains come every 10-12 minutes.
You’ll be back in 1.5-2 hours.

1.【Start】Haneda airport Terminal 2,3

Keikyu Line:
3 stations/6 minutes

2.Anamori inari station on the keikyu line

Anamori-Inari-Shrine(near Haneda Air port)Ota-ku,Tokyo
If you are accessing from the Haneda Airport, the Tenkubashi Station is closer than the Anamori Inari Station.
But Fox mascot “Kon-chan” greeted the visitors.
So I recommend via Anamori inari station.

Yhey are looking for costume creators.
If you are confident, let’s challenge.
→【More】※Japanese Only

7 minutes walk/550m


You walk from the station about 7 minutes, you arrive at Current torii of the “Anamori Inari shrine”.


There are a lot of foxes in the Inari shrine.
The number of fox of this shrine is amazing!!

Guardian dogs are foxes.

3-2.Many Torii Gates

Anamori-Inari-Shrine(near Haneda Air port)Ota-ku,Tokyo
They dedicate the red torii gete in order to deliver a wish to God,or thank for God.

Anamori-Inari-Shrine(near Haneda Air port)Ota-ku,Tokyo
There is “Sacred sand” in “Okunomiya” referred to as “Oana-sama”.
Let’s take away this “Sacred sand”.
And let’s seeded “Sacred sand” at the entrance or within the grounds of your home .
then it has been said the wish will come true.

Anamori-Inari-Shrine(near Haneda Air port)Ota-ku,Tokyo
Full of Foxes in Tsukiyama.

3-3.History of Anamori Inari Shrine

Before the World War 2, “Anamori Inari Shrine” sat inside today’s Haneda Airport.
It was forced to transfer after the war.
By the enthusiasm of the residents, it was enshrined in the place of now.

However, the shrine gates of Anamori Inari Shrine were not removed and remained for a long.
Because whenever Someone tried to break or move the torii,the strange incident happened.
Finally, in 1999,the shrine gate was transferred to the edge of Haneda Airport.

▼History of Anamori Inari Jinja

walk 7minutes/550m

4.Old Anamori-inari-shrine O(big)-Torii

Anamori-Inari-Shrine(near Haneda Air port)Ota-ku,Tokyo
“平和” means “peace”.
You can go and see it near Tenkūbashi Station.

7 minutes/400m

Keikyu Line/Tokyo MonoRail Tenkūbashi Station

6 minutes/2 stops

5.【Goal】Haneda airport Terminal 2,3

6.【MAP】Short Trip around Haneda Airport


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