【3Choices】How to enjoy Okoshiki Beach(Uto,Kumamoto)

Kumamoto Kyushu

Let's go in the express A train♪+ Amakusa cruise(1 day)Kumamoto


I came back on the train from Hitoyoshi Hot Spa/Onsen to Kumamoto Station
And I enjoyed Tourist train "Let's go in the express A train" and Amakusa Cruise.
※Time schedule is on August 2016.
※Because there is a case the time schedule is changed, please check with each official website.

【10:35 Kumamoto Station】Tourist train "Let's go in the express A train"

JR Kyushu has a lot of tourist train.
I enjoyed the one of those trains.
"Barbarian culture transmitted to the Amakusa of the 16th century" is the theme.
The train got the name from a jazz standard number "Take the 'A' Train".

【3Choices】How to enjoy Okoshiki Beach(Uto,Kumamoto)
The train has the bar.
I hear the Jazz music.
I felt like becoming a choice human beings.

Tourist train "Let's go in the express A train"
However,the aroma of malt beer and rice crackers had been drifting.

【3Choices】How to enjoy Okoshiki Beach(Uto,Kumamoto)
"Let's go in the express A train" is not onle stylish train but also has good views.
If it is few hours later, You will be able to see the sand pattern of "Okoshiki beach" .
If you would like to see the sand pattern of "Okoshiki beach",Let's examine the "time of ebb."
I recommend that you reserve a window side of the seat at that time.

→【JR kyusyuu】Tourist train "Let's go in the express A train"

→Uto tourism Association] The time of low tide and sunset in Okoshiki beach

【11:13】Misumi Station

Misumi Station
The train arrived at the final station "Misumi Station" in 40 minutes.

Since the "Misumi Station" is the entrance of the Amakusa,it looks like "church".

【11:24】Sea Cruise No. 1

Sea Cruise@Amakusa
Riding on such a cruise ship, I enjoy the "the journey of the sea" about one hour to "Hondo port" of Amakusa.
Sea Cruise@Amakusa
The ship was wicket under the bridge.

Sea Cruise@Amakusa
I was able to see the rugged rocks!!
It was thrilling, because the wind is strong, and the waves were high.

【12:21】Hondo Port

Sea Cruise@Amakusa
You have to walk about 10 minutes from "Hondo Port(the arrival of the cruise ship)" to "Hondo Bus Center".

【13:00】Rapid Bus Amakusa

Rapid Bus Amakusa@kumamoto
If you go to Kumamoto Airport on the same day, You can get the discount ticket of "Airport limousine bus".
→【Sanko bus】Rapid Bus Amakusa
View from the window of this "Rapid Bus Amakusa" was wonderful.
I was going to take a nap, But I had seen views .

Rapid Bus Amakusa
Islands of Amakusa

Rapid Bus Amakusa
Bridge under construction

【3Choices】How to enjoy Okoshiki Beach(Uto,Kumamoto)
I could see "The sand pattern of "Okoshiki coast".

【3Choices】How to enjoy Okoshiki Beach(Uto,Kumamoto)
The road in the sea of Nagahama fishing port

【15:06】Kumamoto Station

I ate Kumamoto local food "Tai-pi-en".

It looks like vegetable ramen of noodles made from beans.

August 31, 2016

-Kumamoto, Kyushu

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