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Kumamoto Kyushu

Kumamoto Station sightseeing spots(Kumamoto)


Kumamoto Station Area is likely to be the "pass point",from Kumamoto Station to the Kurokawa hot spring, Aso Station.
But around Kumamoto station, there are some charming tourist spots!!

Sightseeing train at Kumamoto Station

There are several tourist train ,which Kumamoto Station is the starting station.

They recommend "View from the train window" .
But Vehicle body is luxury, and nice.
Let's looking at the tourist train, or get inside before departure from the station.
※You need aa Admission ticket of the station

SL Hitoyoshi(Steam Locomotive)

SL Hitoyoshi(Steam Locomotive)@kumamoto station
Steam locomotive runs between Kumamoto Station and Hitoyoshi Station

SL Hitoyoshi(Steam Locomotive)@kumamoto station
The train interior is wonderful(* ̄∇ ̄*)
Information of SL Hitoyoshi(JR Kyushu)

Express "Take the ‘A’ Train"

【3Choices】How to enjoy Okoshiki Beach(Uto,Kumamoto)
Express "Take the ‘A’ Train"(JR Kyushu)
"Barbarian culture transmitted to the Amakusa of the 16th century" is the theme.
It was bearing the jazz standard number "Take the 'A' Train".
It runs from Kumamoto Station to Misumi Station.
If you take this train the low tide time of Okoshiki beach ,you can see the beautiful sand pattern.

▼There are another three tourist train,whose starting station is Kumamoto station
JR Kyushu(Japanese)

Kumamoto Castle

Kato shrine@Kumamoto Castle
Torii of "Kato Shrine".
"Kato Shrine" is a shrine that deified "Seishoko_san (Kiyomasa Kato)" who became the foundation of Kumamoto development.

Kumamoto Castle
Kumamoto Castle seen from the "Kato Shrine".
In the earthquake of 2016 April, Ishigaki was collapses(ノ_・。)
Let's burned into the eyes of the "Kumamoto Castle, which can not be seen only now".

Access to Kumamoto Castle

★From Kumamoto Station
Tram (streetcar):get on Line A(to Kengun-machi) ,get off "Kumamoto Castle, City Hall Station"

Kumamoto Castle Loop bus"Shiromegurin"

★From Kumamoto Airport
Airport Limousine bus:get off "Toori-cho-suji"

Suizenji Garden(Suizenji Park)

The official name in the "Suizenji Garden", the nickname is "Suizenji Park".
Suizenji Garden(Suizenji Park)@kumamoto
Around the pond, the mountains and the trees have been exquisitely arranged.

Suizenji Garden(Suizenji Park)@kumamoto
In the garden (which is separate from the Izimi shrine), there is "Inari Shrine" with lined red torii.

Access to Suizenji Garden(Suizenji Park) from Kumamoto Station

If you have time on the train, the train is the fastest.
However the train does not run too much, you can immediately get on Tram.

★Train:Hōhi Line(to Higoootu )
get off "Shin(New) Suizenji Syation" walk 14min(1.2km)

★Tram:Line A(to Kengun-machi)
get off Suizenji park station, walk 5min

Kumamoto specialty! Horse sashimi sushi! !

Kumamoto specialty! Horse sashimi sushi! !
One of Kumamoto specialty is "Horse sashimi".
You can enjoy "Horse sashimi+sushi"

Natural hot spring「Yurakkus-genki-Square」

Natural hot spring「Yurakkus-genki-Square」@kumamoto
You can enjoy "natural hot spring" in affordable price.
You can stay here.

→Natural hot spring「Yurakkus-genki-Square」(Japanese)

Kumamoto Castle Inari Shrine

As guardian of the castle town prosperity, it has been popular from many people "Shirahige-san (white beard)" .
There are several red torii.

【Map】Kumamoto Station sightseeing spots

August 29, / 30, 2016.

-Kumamoto, Kyushu

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