Aso sightseeing spots【2days】(Kumamoto)

Aso sightseeing spots【2days】(Kumamoto) Kumamoto

There are a lot of sightseeing spots in Aso area in Kumamoto Prefecture.
After the disaster of April 2016, public transportation network has been disrupted.
September 2016, public transportation network is in the mid-recovery.

So if you can use a rental car, you can enjoy Aso now.
However, if you would like to move in public transport, it is better to wait till public transportation network recovery.

National Route 57

Road Station Otsu

Aso sightseeing spots【2days】(Kumamoto)
Otsu’s specialty is “KARAIMO(Sweet potato)”
So you can enjoy Taiyaki KARAIMO taste.

Prefectural road 225

Green Road south Aso
Aso sightseeing spots【2days】(Kumamoto)
You can see the great mountains.

Minami Aso Railway “Nakamatsu station” truck train

Aso sightseeing spots【2days】(Kumamoto)

Minami Aso Railway had been suspended service in the earthquake of April 2016.
In August 2016, some sections “Nakamatsu Station – Takamori station” has been recovered.
The truck train was running.

▼Please visit the official site, to know the current south Aso railway(Japanese)

National Route 325

Shirakawa water source

“Shirakawa water source” is known for the beauty of the gushing water.

Aso sightseeing spots【2days】(Kumamoto)
I like very much this torii of “Yoshimi Shirakawa shrine”.

National Route 25

National Route 265

National Route 57

Aso shrine

Stay at Aso Station area

2016 August, [from Higo-ootu to Aso] Hōhi Main Line has suspended the operation.

From Kumamoto district, access to the Aso is the only bus (Kyushu cross-bus).

Aso sightseeing spots【2days】(Kumamoto)
Light-up fountain near Aso Station, was like a beautiful fireworks.

▼You can search hotels from here▼

Next Day
National Route 57

Prefectural road 11

Prefectural road 45

Daikanbo observatory

When you go to Aso, You have to go to here! Daikanbo.

Aso sightseeing spots【2days】(Kumamoto)
The toilets are temporary, scars of the earthquake remains.
But superb view is alive and well.

Aso sightseeing spots【2days】(Kumamoto)
You will see the location of the “fine” or “cloudy”.
Aso sightseeing spots【2days】(Kumamoto)
The guardian deity of children will watched over Aso ,even though it was heavy rain, big earthquakes .
Please defend Aso forever.

There are the public transport(bus) that can accesse from Aso Station ,Tuetate to Daikanbo .
Aso crater line(Japanese)

Prefectural road 12

milk road(Prefectural road 339)

National Route57
To Kumamoto city

You will come back before lunch…

【Postscript】17 September,2016
From September 16, 2016, The road( to “kusasenti” “mt.Aso”) is now available for part-way.


▼Aso Crater Line is now available
産交バスに乗ろう! 阿蘇火口線


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