Hatenohama beach@Kume island(Okinawa)


Not only Hatenohama Beach But Also Kume island Sight Seeing Spots(Okinawa)


Speaking of "Kume Island(Kumejima)", "Hatenohama Beach" is famous.
But you can see a lot of great scenery in addition to Hatenohama.

Access to Kume island

By Airplane

Kume island airport@Not only Hatenohama Beach But Also Kume island Sight Seeing Spots(Okinawa)
You can go to Kume island by JTA or RAC(JAL group) about 35min from Naha.
→Japan Air Line

By Ferry

You can go to Kume island by ferry about 4hours from Naha port.

Kume island Sight Seeing Spots

Eef Beach

Eef Beach@Kume island(Okinawa)

Uezu house

Uezu house@Kume island(Okinawa)
"Uezu house" is the old family who served as estate steward for a long time.

Pine with five branches

Pine with five branches@Kume island
This tree has been designated as a national natural treasure

Haunted hill

Haunted hill@Kume island(Okinawa)
This car looks like that went down toward the front.
But ...

Gushigawa Castle Ruins

Gushigawa Castle Ruins@Kume island(Okinawa)
The way of loading walls was a unique.

Mifuga Rock

Mifuga Rock@Kume island(Okinawa)
Mifuga Rock is the symbols of women in Kume Island.
If women pray here,she can get her childs.

Tatami Rocks(Ou island,Oujima)

Tatami Rocks(Ou island,Oujima)@Kume island(Okinawa)
You can see the rock, such as the turtle carapace

Hatenohama beach

Hatenohama beach@Kume island(Okinawa)
To go to the beach of the Hatenohama beach, let's take a tour from the harbor near the Ifubichi

Thumugi Bridge / Tidar Bridge

Thumugi Bridge / Tidar Bridge@Kume island(okinawa)
When running on rental bikes, it seemed to be running towards the sea

Uegusuku Castle ruins

Uegusuku Castle ruins@Kume island(Okinawa)
Uegusuku Castle was erected on the top of the elevation in Kume Island in Ryukyu dynasty era.
you can overlook Kume island.

Hiyajo Banda(cliff)

Hiyajo Banda(cliff)@Kuma island (Okinawa)
You can admire the impressive scenery from the cliff.

Sun Stone

Sun Stone@Kume island (Okinawa)

Tropical fish house

Tropical fish house@Kume Island
Without entering into the water, you can see the tropical fish.
Watch your Step!

June 27,28 2016

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