Tonaki-Island,Okinawa,Japan【2DAYS】by ferry

Tonaki-Island,Okinawa,Japan【2DAYS】by ferry Okinawa

Village of Tonaki Island is selected as the “conservation district of traditional buildings.”
This island has the original landscape of Okinawa, the red roof tile houses,white sand,stone wall,fence of tree(Garcinia/fukugi).
You can stay the red tile houses,which has been repaired as a Minsyuku(a kind of hostel,guest house)

→赤瓦のふくぎ屋(Japanese only)

1.Tonaki Settlement

You can walk around in Tonaki Settlement.
Garcinia(Fukugi) is blindfold, plays windproof, the role of the tide.

Tunnel of Garcinia(Fukugi).

This is the red tile house where I stayed.

You can eat the Okinawa local food, for dinner.

Village of Fukugi Tree lit up in the night.


2.Tonaki-Island Sight seeing spots

You can go around the Tonaki island about 12km.
Because the height difference is severe, It was very hard to go around by rent-cycle.

There are a lot of strange shape rocks.

Here is the sacred place that The God of Irisunajima comes across the sea.
The local say “God of the rock.”

Winda observatory

Shimajirike walking trail

Tonaki Island’s premier religious land

Tonaki Island has escaped miraculously war damage.
Perhaps this God gave Tonaki island guarded.

3.Access to the Tonaki Island

Tonaki Island can be reached by ferry from Naha (Tomari Port) in 115 minutes and from Kumejima in 140 minutes.

▼Offcial site KumeShosen.K.k.
Kume syosen k.k

Since there is only one ferry per day on Tonaki Island, you cannot basically go on a day trip.

There is a boat only from April 1st to October 31st, so you can take a day trip from Naha (Tomari Port).

The night lights of the village are beautifully illuminated, so we recommend staying overnight.

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June 26,27.2016


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