Tokashiki Island【2DAY】Sightseeing (Kerama Islands,Okinawa)

Tokashiki Island【2DAY】Sightseeing (Kerama Islands,Okinawa) Kerama Islands

“Kerama Islands” including Tokashiki Island has been designated as a national park in 2014.
You can go to Tokashiki Island in about 35 minutes by high-speed boat from Naha.
You can do day trips from Naha ,However, in order to see the beautiful sunset, I recommend you stay Tokashiki Island.

1.Tokashiki Island Sight Seeing Spots

In Tokashiki Island, public transportation is not convenient.
I recommend to stay on a beach in Tokashiki island.
If you want to island around, please take a taxi.

1-1.Aharen Beach

Aharen Beach is the most popular village and beach in Tokashiki.
You can go to Aharen beach from Tokashiki Port by bus.
→Time table

Aharen Beach@Tokashiki island

There is a gate of rock.
Aharen Beach@Tokashiki island

Sunset is beautiful.
Aharen Beach@Tokashiki island

1-2.Kubandaki observatory

You can go to Kubandaki observatory from Aharen Beach 10 minutes walk.
Kubandaki observatory@Tokashiki island
You can see the sea and the rocks in the daytime.
Kubandaki observatory@Tokashiki island
You can see the wonderful sunset in the evening.

1-3.Tokashiku Beach

Tokashiku Beach@Tokashiki island
I hear some sea turtles live this beach.

Tokashiku Beach@Tokashiki island
If you are lucky,you can see sea turtles.
Tokashiku Beach has fewer people and quiet compared to the Aharen Beach.

※there is NO buses to go to Tokashiku beach.
If you want to go to Tokashiku beach,please use a taxi.

Transportation is inconvenient to the following location.
I recommend to use taxi to go there.

1-4.East observatory

East observatory@Tokashiki island

1-5.Mass Suicide Site

Mass Suicide Site@Tokashiki island
I do not know whether the above representation is appropriate…

Mass Suicide has occurred here in the Second World War.
In order to memorial them, this monument was erected.

1-6.West observatory(Akama Mt.observatory)

West observatory(Akama Mt.observatory)@Tokashiki island

1-7.Akamatsu Corps headquarter bunker

Akamatsu Corps headquarter bunker@Tokashiki island
Headquarter of the Japanese military (Akamatsu Corps) was placed here in the end of World War II.

1-8.Shiratama no tou(World War II casualties monument)

Shiratama no tou(World War II casualties monument)@Tokashiki island
The victims of the World War II has been enshrined.


Goats@Tokashiki island
I cat meet Goat family!!

1-10.Hill observatory with views of the harbor

Hill observatory with views of the harbor@Tokashiki island
It is the observatory which you can see the harbor as name appears.

1-11.Aran Observatory

Aran Observatory@Tokashiki island

1-12.Kugachibaru Observatory

Kugachibaru Observatory@Tokashiki island

1-13.Aharen Orchards

Aharen Orchards@Tokashiki island

2.Access to Tokashiki Island

2-1.From Naha(Tomari port)

You can go to Tokashiki Island in about 35 minutes by high-speed boat from Naha.
You can go to Tokashiki Island in about 70 minutes by ferry from Naha.

2-2.From Zamami or Aka Island.

You can go to Tokashiki island from Zamami or Aka Island, by small boat named ‘Mistushima’.
You must make a reservation 1day before your departure.

3.【MAP】Kerama Island Sight Seeing Spots

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  1. Between January and March, some other welcome guests arrive in the waters around the Kerama Islands—humpback whales. The whales feed in the waters of Alaska for most of the year and then swim down to the Kerama Islands to give birth and raise their calves in the warm waters.

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