Kushiro→Lake Akan(→Kushiro)/Hokkaido Bus Tour

Kushiro→Lake Akan(→Kushiro)/Hokkaido Bus Tour Hokkaido

I took part in a bus tour of  ”White Pirika Go”.
※Guide was Japanese only

1.Kushiro station

You can get on bus from “Fisherman’s Wharf MOO” or “Kushiro Prince Hotel”,too.

2.Tsurumidai(Observatory of crane)

if you are lucky ,you can see cranes(a kind of birds).
Tsurumidai(Observatory of crane)Hokkaido

3.Lake Kussharo

if you are lucky ,you can see swan(a kind of birds).
Lake Kussharo in Hokkaido

Lake Kussharo in Hokkaido

This area is called “Sunayu(sand spa)”.
The volcanic activity is still active and when you dig the sand, heated water is exposed.

4.Iouzan (a sulfur mine)

You can smell sulfur and hear the steam bubbling up.
Iouzan (a sulfur mine) in Hokkaido


You need lunch fee(tour excluding lunch)
pork bowl in Hokkaido
I ate pork bowl.

6.Lake Mashu

Lake Mashu is the lake to change the figure by the time.
Can you see what kind of Lake Mashu

Lake Mashu in Hokkaido
▲Lake Mashu with light snow

Lake Mashu in Hokkaido
▲Lake Mashu in sunny day

7.Lake Akan

You can get off Lake Akan and stay there.
Lake Akan in Hokkaido

8.Kushiro Airport

You can get off at Kushiro Airport,too.

9.Kushiro station

You can get off bus at “Fisherman’s Wharf MOO” or “Kushiro Prince Hotel”,too.

▼You can get more information

February 2016

If you visits to Hokkaido in winter, I recommend a bus tour.
Because Hokkaido has heavy snowfall in winter(about November to April).
In Hokkaido, railway is inconvenient.

If you are familiar with the operation of the snow road, you can use the car rental.
But if you aren’t familiar with it,I recommend a bus tour.


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