What to do & to see in Zamami Island(Okinawa)

What to do & to see in Zamami Island(Okinawa) Okinawa
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“Kerama Islands” including Zamami Island has been designated as a national park in 2014.
You can go to Zamami Island in about 50 minutes by high-speed boat from Naha.
You can do day trips from Naha ,However, in order to see the beautiful sunset, I recommend you stay Zamami Island.
→【Official】Zamami Tourist Information

1.Zamami Island Sight Seeing Spots

1-1.Ama Beach

Ama beach(Zamami island,Okinawa)
Ama beach faces the sea registered Ramsar with for globally precious coral reef level.
If you are lucky,You can see the sea turtles,and swim with them.
Sunset at Ama beach(Zamami island,Okinawa)
You will see wonderful senset at Ama Beach.

Walk :1.5km/20minutes from Zamami Port
Bus(from Zamami Port) :Timetable
Rent a bicycle :shop list

1-2.Kaminohama Observatory

Kaminohama Observatory(Zamami island,Okinawa)

Walk :2.8km/30minutes from Zamami Port

1-3.Unajinosachi Observatory

Unajinosachi Observatory(Zamami island,Okinawa)

Unajinosachi Observatory(Zamami island,Okinawa)
Sunset from here is beautiful.

Walk :3.3km/40minutes from Zamami Port

1-4.Inazaki Observatory

Inazaki Observatory(Zamami island,Okinawa)

In winter(From the end of December to early April), you can see humpback whales from here.

Walk :3.5km/50minutes from Zamami Port

1-5.Takatsukiyama Observatory

Takatsukiyama Observatory(Zamami island,Okinawa)
You can see the Zamami Port area from here.

Takatsukiyama Observatory(Zamami island,Okinawa).
You can see the Kerama islands from here.

Memorial monument of peace(Zamami island,Okinawa)
On the way to climb from the Zamami Port to Takami observatory, there is a “Memorial monument of peace.”
Those who were killed during the World WarⅡ have been enshrined.

Walk :1.4km/30minutes from Zamami Port

1-6.Furuzamami beach

Furuzamami beach(Zamami island,Okinawa)
Furuzamami beach is a beach that has acquired a “2 star” in the Michelin Green Guide.
Furuzamami beach(Zamami island,Okinawa)
Tourists enjoyed the beach in their own way.

Walk :1.4km/20minutes from Zamami Port

1-7.Chishi Observatory

Chishi Observatory(Zamami island,Okinawa)
From Chishi Observatory, You can see Awaguni Island, maybe…
But I have only this cliff photo…
It was too hot to take a picture of Awaguni Island…

Walk :3.3km/40minutes from Zamami Port

1-8.Statue of Marilyn

Statue of Marilyn
Marilyn is name of a girl dog.
Her boyfriend “Shiro” swam across sea from 3km away Aka island.
The movie “I want to see Marilyn” was filmed in 1988.

Statue of Marilyn
Let’s enjoy the sunset with Marilyn.

2.Zamami island hotels/guest house

If there is an “English” to “Languages Spoken” column of the hotel booking site, I picked it up (July 2016).
※You can do camping at Ama beach.※

Pension Seasir

Hanamuro Inter-Islanders’ Hotel

Zamamia International Guesthouse



3.Zamami Island Sight Seeing Map(okinawa)

4.Access to Zamami

▼You can go to Zamami island from Tomari port(High-Speed Queen Zamami from North terminal) in Naha,Okinawa

▼You can reserve tickets from here

→【Official】Zamami Tourist Information

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