Naha Sightseeing Spots(Okinawa)

Kinjo-cho Stone-paved Path@naha,okinawa Okinawa

I arrived at Naha Airport in the evening.
After 17:15, I went to Shuri Castle Area.
I will introduce the tourism model course of Shuri Castle Area about 3 hours.

Naha Airport

Naha Airport LCC Terminal
▲Naha Airport LCC Terminal▲

Naha Airport has 3terminals,”Naha Airport Domestic Terminal“,”Naha Airport International Terminal“,”Naha Airport LCC Terminal“.
To go to Naha center from Naha Airport, Take the Yui Rail.
“Naha Airport Station” of Yui Rail is connected to the “Domestic Terminal”.
So first you must go to “Domestic Terminal”.
From “LCC Terminal”, you must get on Shuttle bus to “Domestic Terminal”.
From “International Terminal”, you must walk to “Domestic Terminal” about 5 minutes.

To Shuri Station(final Station) by Yui Rail(monorail)

Yui Rail(monorail)@naha,okinawa
From Naha Airport Station, take the Monorail to Shuri Station.
It takes about 40 minutes,330en(June 2016).
Trains run about one in 10 minutes.

Kinjo-cho Stone-paved Path

Shuri Station has Coin lockers.
You can leave your luggage in coin locker.

You can go Kinjo-cho Stone-paved Path about 20minutes walk.
Or you can take Local bus “Line No 7 or 8 Shuri jyoukamachi line(To Naha bus terminal)” from Shuri Station,get off “Ishidatamiiriguch”.
Kinjo-cho Stone-paved Path@naha,okinawa
This path was used to connect the castle to Shikina-en garden at where Ryukyuan Kingdom had Chinese envoy stay.

Kinjo-cho Stone-paved Path@naha,okinawa
This large Akagi (sacred tree) was survival of the “Typhoon of Steel” in 1945.

Kinjo-cho Stone-paved Path@naha,okinawa
Let’s try thinking of the Ryukyu Kingdom,while overlooking the city of Naha.

Shurijo castel Light up

Shurijo castel Light up@naha,okinawa
With influences from both China and Japan, the Shurijo Castle shows its cultural and historical values.

Shuri Station

Shuri Station@naha,okinawa

About 3 hours course from Naha Airport.
Enjoy naha time!!

Extra edition:Okinawa Local food

Okinawa Local food
You can get these Okinawa Local food in convenience stores and supermarkets

1.Okinawa soba (diffrent Japanese soba )
2.Orion beer (Okinawa local beer)
3.Sanpin tea (Jasmine tea)
4.Rice ball of salmon and salmon roe(You can get this anywhere in Japan,not Okinawa local…)

June 21,2016


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