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Tokyo Toshima-ku

Ikebukuro Happy Owl Town(Toshima-ku,Tokyo)

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Ikebukuro has many owls.
Because "Ike+bukuro" means "Go" + "Happiness".
And "bukuro" looks like "fukurou".
"fukurou" means "owls" in Japanses.

So People in Ikebukuro display the owl in storefront and so on.

You can see happy owls here and there in Ikebukuro.

1.Places where you can take pictures with owls


3.Maid Cafe


5.Shrines and temples

6.War record


1.Places where you can take pictures with owls

1-1.Owl Police box(* ̄∇ ̄*)

Owl Police box
There are police officers who protect the peace of Ikebukuro.
Let's go to the Owl Police box,if you have trouble.

1-2.Naka-Ikebukuro Park

Naka-Ikebukuro Park

1-3.UNIQLO Ikebukuro Sunshain60

UNIQLO Ikebukuro Sunshain60 Street
In UNIQLO around the world, This shop only has original character "YUNI-BUKURO".


2-1.Animate Ikebukuro main store

This shop has a wide range of items including animation, games, etc.

▼Animate Ikebukuro main store(Japanese)

2-2.J−world TOKYO

J−world TOKYO@ikebukuro
The world's first indoor type theme park to be able to play in the world view of comic magazine "jump" work.

▼J−world TOKYO

2-3.Pokemon center Mega Tokyo

Pokemon center Mega Tokyo
Pokemon goods are countless. The spot where you can take a commemorative photo

▼Pokemon center Mega Tokyo(Japanese)

3.Maid Cafe

Not only in Akihabara, there are maid cafes in Ikebukuro.

3.maidreamin Ikebukuro Sunshine Street Shop

maidreamin Ikebukuro Sunshine Street Shop
You can eat "KAWAII(cute)" "Moe" food and drink.
Let's enjoy the conversation with the maid.

▼maidreamin Ikebukuro Sunshine Street Shop


4-1.Muteki-ya Ramen shop

4-1.Muteki-ya Ramen shop@ikebukuro
The most popular ramen shop in Ikebukuro, many people are queuing whenever you go.
The shop does not line so much if it is around 15 o'clock.

4-2.Sushiro(Sushi shop)

4-2.Sushiro(Sushi shop)
This is a revolving sushi restaurant in the basement of a building opposite the road of "Muteki-ya Ramen shop".
There are menus in English, Chinese, Korean, you can order by touch panel.

5.Shrines and temples

In Ikebukuro, there is a shrine (temple) with a red torii, and there is also Mt. Fuji.

5-1.Gokokuji and Otowa Fuji

Mountain climbing "Otowa Fuji" at Gokoku-ji Temple(Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
You can enjoy Gokokuji with many cats and Miniature Mt. Fuji "Otowa Fuji" together



Ikou-Inari-dou(Toshima-ku,Tokyo)Sanctuary 8 minutes on foot from Ikebukuro station
It is a different dimension that you can go from Ikebukuro by 8 minutes on foot

Ikou-Inari-dou(Toshima-ku,Tokyo)Sanctuary 8 minutes on foot from Ikebukuro station

6.War record

Higahi-Ikebukuto-Chuou Park

Now "Sunshine 60" where many people visit was set up on the site of Sugamo Prison where people who were considered "war criminals" in World War II were housed.
It is said that the capital punishment was executed at the place where this monument was.


-Tokyo, Toshima-ku

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