My hometown Ikebukuro Happy Owl Town(Toshima-ku,Tokyo)

Owl Police box Tokyo

I was born and raised along the Ikebukuro Line.
So Ikebukuro is my hometown.
We have opened a website introducing Ikebukuro.
Please visit if you like.

▼This is my websaite too.

1.Why Ikebukuro is called “Happy Owl Town”

Ikebukuro has many owls.
Because “Ike+bukuro” means “Go” + “Happiness”.
And “bukuro” looks like “fukurou”.
“fukurou” means “owls” in Japanses.

So People in Ikebukuro display the owl in storefront and so on.
You can see happy owls here and there in Ikebukuro.

2.Ikebukuro Culture


2-1.Manga,Animation around Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro Manga/Animation Shop(Tokyo,Japan) | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
There were Tokiwa-so between Shiina-machi and Higashi-Nagasaki, one stop and two stops on the Seibu Ikebukuro line from Ikebukuro. I will share places where you...

2-2.Shrines and Temples near Ikebukuro

The Great Buddha actually protects Ikebukuro.

Shrines and Temples near Ikebukuro【13select】 | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
In Japan, shrines and temples are sacred places and sanctuaries. However, there are the following differences Shrine Where there are deities (polytheists gods),...

3.Flowers in,near Ikebukuro

In Ikebukuro, you can see beautiful flowers depending on the season.

3-1.Cherry Blossoms(Sakura)in,near Ikebukuro(the end of Mrach – the beginning of April)

Cherry Blossoms(Sakura)12 Spots in Ikebukuro(Tokyo,Japan) | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
The cold and long winters are over and the end of March is when it gets warmer in Tokyo, Japan. Cherry blossoms tell the coming of spring. Every year Japanese p...
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4.Ramen shops in Ikebukuro

There are many ramen restaurants in Ikebukuro.
I have classified them by category.

4-1.Ikebukuro Chicken(Chicken based soup)Raman

Ikebukuro Chicken(Chicken based soup)Raman 【4shops】 | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
Chicken soup Ramen does not mean that Chicken is on noodles. They take soup stock with Chicken. Nowhere in the world do you eat chicken. Let's enjoy how to take...

4-2.Ikebukuro Gyokai (seafood) soup Raman

Ikebukuro Gyokai (seafood) soup Raman【7shops】 | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
Gyokai (seafood) soup Ramen does not mean that seafood is on noodles. They take soup stock with seafood. Enjoy the ramen of Japanese seafood soup surrounded by ...

4-3.Ikebukuro Miso Raman

Ikebukuro Miso Raman【3shops】 | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
Here is a ramen that has been seasoned with Miso, a seasoning widely used in Japan. Miso is fermented soybean paste. 1.Ikebukuro Miso Ramen【2shops】 1-1.Mendokor...

4-4.Shio (Salt) Ramen in Ikebukuro

Shio (Salt) Ramen in Ikebukuro【4shops】 | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
Ikebukuro has many ramen shops. Shio (Salt) Ramen tastes the lightest of all ramen. If you don't like oily or rich flavors, salt ramen is recommended. 1.Ikebuku...

4-5.Ikebukuro SoySource(shoyu)

Ikebukuro SoySource(shoyu)Raman 【9 shops】Tokyo,Japan | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
Here is a ramen that has been seasoned with soy sauce, a seasoning widely used in Japan. 1.Ikebukuro east SoySource(shoyu)Raman【2shops】 1-1.Ramen Hayashida/らぁ麺は...

4-6.Ikebukuro Spicy Raman

Ikebukuro Spicy Raman【3shops】Tokyo,Japan | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
Ikebukuro has many ramen shops. I will introduce spicy ramen. 1.Ikebukuro Spicy Ramen【3shops】 1-1.Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto/蒙古タンメン中本 この投稿をInstagramで見る 池袋ギーク/ikebuku...

4-7.Ikebukuro Tantanmen

Ikebukuro Tantanmen【4shops】 | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
Tantanmen is a kind of Ramen noodle. It is the typical Japanese-style localized Chinese Sichuan cuisinedandannoodles. The characteristic of Tantan-men noodles i...

4-8.Ikebukuro Tonkotu Ramen

Ikebukuro Tonkotu Ramen【8shops】 | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
I share a ramen restaurants (pork bone base soup) that can be recommended in Ikebukuro. Check the details on the Instagram or the official website of the store ...

4-9.Ikebukuro Tsukemen

Ikebukuro Tsukemen【10 Shops】 | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
Tsukemen is similar to Ramen. Noodles and soup are served separately. You dip the noodles into the dipping soup(broth) and eat them. Most shops have tsukemen an...

4-10.Ikebukuro Ramen Others

Ikebukuro Ramen Others【2shops】 | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
I will share a unique ramen restaurant that does not fit in the usual categories. 1.Mendokoro Ippaku/麺処いっぱく この投稿をInstagramで見る 池袋ギーク/ikebukuro_geek(@ikebukuro_ge...

▼Ikebukuro Ramen Map

5.Food in Ikebukuro

There are many delicious foods in Ikebukuro.

5-1.Ikebukuro Beef(Roast/Bowl/Gyukatu)

Ikebukuro Beef(Roast/Bowl/Gyukatu)【5shops】Tokyo,Japan | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
Ikebukuro has shops that offer beef in various styles. Enjoy beef in a style that fits you( ̄▽+ ̄*) 1.Ikebukuro Roast Beef Bowl【1shop】 1-1.R beckers/Rベッカーズ この投稿をI...

5-2.Ikebukuro Japanese Curry

Ikebukuro Japanese CurryRice【8 Restaurants】Tokyo,Japan | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
According to the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, curry was born in India, raised in the UK, and came to Japan after the...

5-3.Ikebukuro Gyoza

Ikebukuro Gyoza【3Restaurants】 | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
Gyoza is one of the Chinese dishes from China. In China, Boiled gyoza and steamed gyoza seem to be the main. In addition, gyoza does not seem to be eaten as a s...

5-4.Japanese Omelette Rice(omurice)

Japanese Omelette Rice(omurice) in Ikebukuro 【4shops】 | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
Omurice is a Japanese Western dish of cooked rice wrapped in egg like an omelet. In general, ketchup rice is used for rice (with some exceptions). The popular "...

5-5.Ikebukuro Soba/Buckwheat noodles

Ikebukuro Soba/Buckwheat noodles【7shops】 | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
Soba is noodles made from buckwheat flour ,typcial Japanese noodle. There are mainly two types, Zaru soba and Kake soba . Zaru soba Zaru soba is a chilled noodl...

5-6.Spaghetti Napolitan (Japanese food) in Ikebukuro

Spaghetti Napolitan (Japanese food) in Ikebukuro【5shops】Tokyo,Japan | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
Spaghetti Napolitan is a Japanese pasta dish, not an Italian or Naples dish. There is a dish called "Spaghetti alla Napoletana" with a similar name, but it is c...

5-7.Ikebukuro Sushi

Ikebukuro Sushi 【4shops】 | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
Sushi is vinegared rice topped with a raw fish. Sushi can be served in several variations. The Most popular sushi is " Nigiri". A slice of raw fish on the vineg...

5-8.Ikebukuro Tempra/Tendon

Ikebukuro Tempra/Tendon 【4Restaurants】 | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
Tempura is a battered, deep-fried food. Tendon(Tempura bowl) is a dish in which tempura is topped on rice. I will share a restaurant where you can enjoy tempura...

5-9.Ikebukuro Udon Noodle

Ikebukuro Udon Noodle【6shops】Tokyo,Japan | IKEBUKURO Guide by Geek
Udon is a thick, white Japanese noodle made from flour. You wat udon in soup or add it to soup. 1.Ikebukuro Udon Noodle【5Shops】 1-1.Karukaya/かるかや この投稿をInstagram...


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