Uchiko(Ehime) Ehime

Uchiko is a town that has flourished in Japan wax.
There are still streets at the time.

※about Half-day course.

【Start】JR Uchiko Station



Uchiko-za was built in 1916(Taisho five years) by the wealthy people called “Danna-syu”.

It seems to come hear buzz of audience at the time.

Akinai to Kurashi Museum (Museum of History and Folklore)

Pharmacy stores and houses from the Edo to the Meiji era has been reproduced.
Akinai to Kurashi Museum (Museum of History and Folklore)Ehime

Akinai to Kurashi Museum (Museum of History and Folklore)Ehime
I was impressed to make a playful house

Asahi-kan(Moving Picture Theater)

Asahi-kan(Moving Picture Theater)Ehime
The local volunteers built Asahi-kan in 1925 as Moving Picture Theater.

Around here is Conservation district of traditional buildings.

Hon-Haga Residence

The house and the production facility were built in the heyday of Japan wax production.
Hon-Haga Residence
A way of constructing wooden pillars is great.

Hon-Haga Residence
Even though Japanese-style building, the chimney of the brick!!

Alley is also nostalgia.

For local people Uchiko is the “the place of life.”
Let’s enjoy with consideration.

【Goal】JR Uchiko Station

Anpanman Train at Uchiko Station
If you are lucky,You can get on “Anpanman Train”.

Access to Uchiko

30 min from Matsuyama to Uchiko Station by JR Yosan Line (limited express).

Uchiko sight seeing Map


  1. Experience the simplicity and the warmth of the people of Uchiko. The friendly Uchiko words. The pure personality. The relaxing “Uchiko time”. You may spend a peaceful and relaxing time with the people of Uchiko.

  2. As you walk through this district of Uchiko, it’s easy to feel as though you are slipping back in time. The peaceful town gives an insight into h-century Japan, with a wonderful Kabuki theater and former residence of the town’s wax magnates.

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