Garyu Sanso (mountain villa) Ozu,Ehime

Garyu Sanso (mountain villa)/Ozu,Ehime Ehime
Garyu Sanso

Garyu Sanso is a villa which was built in the Meiji era.
The wealthy merchant at the time said”I want to spend the rest of my life here,Ozu’s premier scenic spots” ,and built it.
It is a mountain cottage garden that won one star “Myushuran Green Tourism Guide Japon”.

1.Garyu-in(Main house)

Garyu Sanso (mountain cottage)/Ozu,Ehime

Garyu-in is the main house which sticks to the details.
You can not take pictures in the house.
You should feel the house in the five senses.

2.Japanese Garden

Garyu Sanso (mountain cottage)/Ozu,Ehime

One of the stepping stones have been dug a square hole.
The flowers were decorated in its hole, like a picture frame.

3.Furo An(apart)

Garyu Sanso (mountain cottage)/Ozu,Ehime
Furo An was built on top of the cliff.

Garyu Sanso (mountain cottage)/Ozu,Ehime
Furo An itself has been likened to a ship.

Garyu Sanso (mountain cottage)/Ozu,Ehime
When you open the sliding door, you can see the landscape, such as the painting

Garyu Sanso (mountain cottage)/Ozu,Ehime
Living tree is used as a pillar.

April 15,2016

4.Access to Garyu Sanso

From JR Iyo Ozu Station

  • Taxi:5min
  • Walk:25min

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