Ozu Called “Little Koyto of Iyo”/Ehime

Garyu Sanso (mountain cottage) Ehime

Ozu was developed as a castle town in Edo Period.
From Matsuyama to “Iyoozu Station” of the nearest station, is 36 minutes by express train.

【Start】Iyoozu Station

Walk 20 min

“Ohanahan dori street”(Old Street)

"Ohanahan dori street"(Old Street)@Ozu/ehime
“Ohanahan” is the name of the television drama that was broadcast in 1966-67.
And here was the Shooting location.
This old town has the nostalgic atmosphere.


Ozu red brick building(Ozu Akarenga Kan)

Ozu red brick building(Ozu Akarenga Kan)@ozu/ehime
Ozu red brick building was built in 1901 (1901) as Ozu commercial banks.
It is a red brick structure of the “United Kingdom loading”, the roof was made by the Japanese tiles.


Garyu Sanso (mountain cottage)

Garyu Sanso (mountain cottage)
It is a mountain cottage garden that won one star “Myushuran Green Tourism Guide Japon”.
You should go there.
→More about Garyu Sanso (mountain cottage)


Ozu Shrine

Ozu Shrine@Ozu/ehime
Ozu shrine has been revered of Ozu clan from generation to generation.
The views from the stone steps is wonderful.


Ozu Castle

Ozu Castle@Ozu/ehime
The Ozu Castle was restored by the donations of citizens and so on in 2004.
They stuck to the “wooden castle tower”, many large trees have been used abundantly.

Walk 20min

【Goal】Iyoozu Station

Access To Ozu from Matsuyama

★ JR Yosan Line express train: JR Matsuyama Station -JR Iyoozu Station 36 minutes
→Timetable of Matsuyama Station [JR] Uchiko Line


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