Mitarasui Jinjya Shrine!The unexplored area of the Nobeoka town(Miyazaki)

Mitarasui Jinjya Shrine!The unexplored area of the Nobeoka town(Miyazaki) Kyushu

While enjoying hiking, let’s visit the Mitarasui Jinjya Shrine(御手洗水神社/みたらいすい)where there are many toriis.

1.First, worship at Atago Shrine

First, worship at Atago Shrine
When you climb to the road from the foot of Atagoyama (247 m), Atago Shrine will be visible.
As of July 2018 it was not published on Google Maps…

First, worship at Atago Shrine
Although it is not a big shrine, it is quite small.
Let’s visit it.

First, worship at Atago Shrine
On the roadside, there was a very little shrine with Kagura ‘s face.

2.Let’s hike the promenade

Let's hike the promenade
There are roads through which cars pass and boardwalks.
Because the car does not pass, I recommend walking on the boardwalk.

Let's hike the promenade
While being healed by the beauty of the azalea

Let's hike the promenade
Follow the guide plate hidden in the tree

Let's hike the promenade
I came to the approach of Mitarai Shrine (Mitarai Sui).

Departing Atago Shrine, it was a little more than 20 minutes hike to get to the approach of Mitarasui Jinjya Shrine.
Those who are unlikely to enjoy these mountain paths should take a taxi to the parking lot of Atagoyama Observation Deck.

3.Worship Mitarasui Jinjya Shrine

Worship Mitarasui Jinjya Shrine
There are wooden toriis lined in the forest.

Worship Mitarasui Jinjya Shrine
It may have been exposed to the wind and the rain as much as the torii is damaged.

Worship Mitarasui Jinjya Shrine
At the foot of the main shrine there is a stone torii.

Worship Mitarasui Jinjya Shrine
As I went through the torii, more sacred air was flowing.

4.Access to Mitarasui Jinjya Shrine

Access to Mitarasui Jinjya Shrine
It is an 18-minute walk (1.4 km) from JR Minami-Nanbuoka station to the foot of Atagoyama.
It is about 30 minutes hike from the foot of Atago to the Mitarasui Jinjya Shrine.

5.【Map】Miyazaki Nichinan-Line Trip


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