Japanese Sweets “Wagashi” in Spring

Japanese Sweets "Wagashi" in Spring Japan Foods

“Wagashi” is traditional Japanese sweets.
We express the seasonal scenes in sweets.
Sweets change according to the season.
From the beginning of March to April, sweets expressing “cherry blossoms” line up at the shop front.
They are delicious Japanese arts that you can get in hundreds of yen.
I will introduce such “Sakura Wagasi(cherry sweets)”.
Ueno Park Cherry Blossom Spot (Sakura)

1.Japanese Sweets “Wagashi” in Spring

2.Where can I buy the Wagashi?

1.Japanese Sweets “Wagashi” in Spring

1-1.Shikino-kokoro Yoshino-Zakura

Shikino-kokoro Yoshino-Zakura


Japanese Sweets
Nama-kashi is not long-lasting.

Seasonal feeling is expressed in Nama-kashi.

There are almost palm-sized

It expresses “spring” with flowers.


Japanese Sweets


1.Japanese Sweets "Wagashi" in Spring


1.Japanese Sweets "Wagashi" in Spring

2.Where can I buy the Wagashi?

You can buy at the Japanese sweet shop in the city.
The type of sweets depends on the shop.
Recommendations are department stores’ sweets department (usually in the basement).
Since many different shops are gathered in one place, you can enjoy it just by window shopping.
By the way, I bought the above sweets at “underground of Tobu Ikebukuro”.


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