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Saga's specialty dish(Food)


There are specialties in Japan by the land.
I will introduce the special dish of Saga.

1. Saga city area

2. Takeo Onsen Spa area

3. Imari Area

4. Yobuko area

5. Karatsu area

6. I missed eating! Saga's alien

7. Saga Journey Sightseeing Map

1. Saga city area

1-1.Sicilian Rice

Sicilian Rice@Saga city area
Speaking of local gourmet in Saga city, "Sicilian rice".
On top of hot cooked rice, stir-fried meat and vegetables are served and mayonnaise is put on the basic form.

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Champon@Saga city area
Champon is a dish of noodles with seafood, vegetables, etc.

Kitagata town(Takeo City Saga Prefecture) once flourished as a "coal mine".
Champon was nutritious,a lot of quantity.
So it was loved by working men work for "coal mine".
The taste is inherited even after "coal mine" closing.
We are calling "Kitagata Champions Highway" along Route 34, where the shops offering Champa are concentrating.

I ate Champon at the Saga air port ,not "Kitagata Champions Highway"

2. Takeo Onsen Spa area

2-1.Wakatsuki pork

Wakatsuki pork@Takeo Onsen Spa area
"Wakasugi pork" is a brand pig of Takeo who was raised giving safe feed.
As a characteristic of meat, there is no smell, fine grain, soft.
It is rich in high-quality protein and vitamin B1 and it seems to be suitable for maintaining health.

2-2. Received a prize in Taisho era! Senbei(Rice cracker) of Ebisudo

Received a prize in Taisho era! Senbei(Rice cracker) of Ebisudo@Takeo Onsen Spa area
I got miso rice cacker instead of breakfast.

2-3. Saga beef hamburg

Saga beef hamburg@Takeo Onsen Spa area
If you go to Saga, you must eat Saga beef!

2-3"Wakatsuki pork cutlet Burger" at TKB AWARDS

"TKB AWARDS" and ate "Wakasaki pork cutlet burger" and beer.
A specialty "Takeo burger" is also recommended.

3. Imari Area

3-1. Imari beef curry

Imari beef curry@Imari Area
The Imari Nabeshimaki center has a light meal and coffee section.
You can drink coffee or eat curry with Imari beef in Imari grill vessel there.

4. Yobuko area

4-1.stay alive squid’s

stay alive squid’s @Yobuko area
You go to Yobuko, You have to eat this!

4-2.Eat out in the morning market

Eat out in the morning market @Yobuko area
Let's have a local seafood while chatting with the local people in the morning market.

5. Karatsu area

5-1."Katsutsu Burger"! at the parking of Niji-no-Matsubara

The most popular menu "Special Burger" is recommended.

5-2. Matsubara Ososhi(sweet rice cracker)

Matsubara Ososhi(sweet rice cracker)@ Karatsu area
It's good for souvenirs.

6. I missed eating! Saga's alien

6-1.Saga specialty aliens! What is WRSB?

They are attacking.

7. Saga Journey Sightseeing Map

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