Lake Akan in Winter(Hokkaido)


Lake Akan almost freezes in the winter.
But hot spring has sprung from here and there in the Akan.
There was a habitat of the Ainu.
They have nurtured a beautiful landscape.

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Lake Akan in Evening


Hot Springs has spouting from the edge of the Lake Akan.
So the area doesn’t freeze, comes out steam.


Inari Shrine

Inari Shrine(hokkaido)

Lake Akan

Lake Akan(hokkaido)
Snow that piled up on the mountain, dyed in the sunset.

Ainu Village

Ainu Village(hokkaido)

I could see fullmoon!!

Lake Akan in Night


Every year, Lake Akan Ice Festival will be held in the winter.
(Period Jan.31st –Mar 15th,2016)
Fireworks(Akan Hokkaido)
Fireworks were decorating the night sky.

Lake Akan in Early morning

I recommend that you join walking tour.


sunrise at Lake Akan

Frozen flower

If you are lucky ,you can see “Frozen flower(ice like flower)”.
Frozen flower@Lake Akan

I think Lake Akan is beautiful, early in the morning, and sunset.
I recommend that you stay in Lake Akan.

February 22,23, 2016

▼You can get more information from AKAN TOURISM INFO


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  2. This winter promises to be cold anywhere and everywhere in Japan. Why not go and visit Hokkaido, where you can enjoy this season to its fullest?! The great spectacles of the outdoors await you!

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