Osaka night attractions【2H】Dotonbori→Tsutenkaku Tower→Shinsekai

Osaka night attractions【2H】Dotonbori→Tsutenkaku Tower→Shinsekai Kinki(Kansai)

In the south area of Osaka(ミナミ/Minami), the town itself seems to be a “Theme Park”.
Let’s enjoy Osaka “Minami” full of personality.

1.Dotonbori! Night’s Recommended Course

1-1.Namba Station【26-D】Exit

Dotonbori! Night's Recommended Course
Walking along the south side of the Dotonbori River, you will see a shining neon.

1-2.Tombori River Cruise

Dotonbori! Night's Recommended Course
A sightseeing ship passed through the bridge.
The sightseeing boat takes about 20 minutes.
On weekdays, departing from 13:00, Saturdays · Sundays · holidays · busy days from 11: 00 to 21:00, every hour at 00 minutes, 30 minutes.
The night view seen from the river will be wonderful.

▼Pamphlet|Tombori River Cruise

1-3.Namba Dotonbori Hotel

Dotonbori! Night's Recommended Course
Do you know “Attack on titan” of animation and manga?
Although they are not very similar, I have remembered the giants looking at these four bodies.
And here is the hotel.
Because it is close to downtown area, even if you eat too much and you fall, you can come back.

1-4.Dotombori “SYUSSE(successful career) Jizo”

Dotonbori! Night's Recommended Course
Due to the massive air raid in 1945, Dotonbori became a burned land.
It seems that the Jizo priest there was gone.
However, a few years after the war ended, this Jizo appeared from the ground.
He(She) was newly named “SYUSSE(successful career) Jizo” and was enshrined in this place.

1-5.Ebisu Bridge seen from Dotonbori Bridge

Dotonbori! Night's Recommended Course
It is “Ebisu Bridge” that you can see in the back.
When the Hanshin Tigers won the professional baseball league(very rarely), enthusiastic fans jump into the Dotonbori River from this bridge.
※ Do not jump in absolutely because it is dangerous ※

1-6.Ebisu Bridge

Dotonbori! Night’s Recommended Course
Here is on “Ebisu Bridge”.
Let’s take a picture with a pose of “Glico man”.

1-7.Center of Dotonbori

Dotonbori! Night's Recommended Course
This is one of the most crazy places in Japanヽ( ̄ー ̄ )ノ

Dotonbori! Night's Recommended Course
There are various restaurants such as “Takoyaki” “Okonomiyaki” “Sushi” “Crab”.
If you are ready to line up, you will be able to eat delicious food.

From here, You will move one train station by subway.

1-8.Nipponbashi station

Subway Sakaisuji Line each stop to Tenka chaya

Ebisu cho(Ebisu Town)Station【Exit 3】

2.New World Heritage Site! Isn’t it? Tsutenkaku Tower

New World Heritage Site! Is it? Tsutenkaku Tower
“Tsutenkaku Tower” is the symbol of Osaka Minami.
If you do not mistake the exit, you can not get lost in a single trail.

New World Heritage Site! Is it? Tsutenkaku Tower
The guardian goddess of this area, popular ‘Bily-ken’ will welcome you( ̄▽+ ̄*)

▼Tsutenkaku Tower

3.Twice Source prohibited! You must eat Kushikatsu in Shin-sekai


Twice Source prohibited! You must eat Kushikatsu in Shinsekai
Kushikatsu is a Japanese dishes made by sticking meat and vegetables into a skewer and fried with flour, breadcrumbs(and etc) .
There are shops that prepare a set price for tourists.
There are many shops that have menus outside, so let’s carefully consider them.

Twice Source prohibited! You must eat Kushikatsu in Shin-sekai
Shin-sekai is one of Japan’s most crazy towns, too.

Twice Source prohibited! You must eat Kushikatsu in Shin-sekai
It was like a theme park condensed “Omoroi(The best compliments in Kansai) of Osaka”.

3-2.Jan Jan Side Street

Jan Jan Side street
This shopping area also expresses a good old Nippon.

Jan Jan Side street
There is shooting and you can play


【Goal】Tennoji Station

It is a course of less than 2 hours ,Walking around Osaka Minami’s night’s recommended spot, Dotonbori → Tsutenkaku → Shinsekai.
Please arrange it according to your destination and preference as you like.
I’m happy to serve you(* ̄∇ ̄*)

4.【Map】Osaka night attractions


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