Oita · Beppu【3 nights 4days】I Recommend these spots

Beppu station@Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita) Kyushu

I traveled by airplane from Narita Airport to Oita Airport in October 2016.
I traveled around sightseeing spots in Oita Prefecture,Beppu.
Even if it does not become a “model course”, I am happy if I can help you.

【Day1】Kannawa Onsen(Spa)

Oita Airport

There is “footbath” at the airport, and you can eat specialty dishes.
Just passing is wasteful!
Foot Spa@Oita Airport

▼Oita airport→Beppu station→Kannawa Onsen(Spa)


Beppu station


Kannawa Onsen/Hot Springs

Enjoy Steam foot bath@kannawa onsen

▼Kannawa Onsen/Hot Springs

【Day2】To Hita and Mameda via Tuetate Onsen

This is a recommended course with car rental.
You can go to Tuetqte Onsen and Hita (Mameda) by public transport.

Yufugawa Valley

Yufugawa Valley@oita

Tuetate Onsen/Spa

Nostalgic hot-spring town! Tuetate Onsen

▼Yufugawa Valley→Tuetate Onsen/Spa


I went sightseeing sightseeing of “Hita · Mameda-machi” which was the place directly under the Edo shogunate.

▼Hita・Mameda-machi Sightseeing At Sunset(Oita)

【Day3】Go to Beppu via Mabashi-Belly/Blue Gate/Rakan Temple

This is a recommended course with car rental.



Hadaka Rice Terrace

Hadaka Rice Terrace

Buffet of Road Station Ymakuni

Buffet of Road Station Ymakuni(Oita)

Blue Gate

Blue Gate(Oita)

Rakan Temple

Rakan Temple(Oita)



Hot Spa near Beppu Station

Hot Spa near Beppu Station

▼Mabashi-Belly→Buffet of Yamakuni Road Station→Blue Gate→Rakan Temple→Ichimoku-Hakkei→Hot Spa near Beppu Station (Oita)

【Day4】Sightseeing Near Beppu

I took a walk about 8 hours by bus and walking in Beppu city.

Beppu Station

Tourist bus (pink color)

Myoban area

Yunohana-Goya@Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita)

Tourist bus (pink color)

Umi-Jigoku (sea hell)

Umi-jigoku(sea hell)@Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita)

Chinoike-jigoku (Bloody Hell Pond)

Chinoike-jigoku (Bloody Hell Pond)


Beppu Tower

Beppu Tower

Takegawara Onsen

Takegawara Onsen

Beppu Station


Ryukyu Bowl at Oita Air Port

Ryukyu-bowl@Oita Air Port

▼Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita)


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