Things to do in Beppu!Sightseeing in 8H(Oita)

Things to do in Beppu!Sightseeing in 8H(Oita) Kyushu

This day was the last day of 3 nights 4 days Oita journey (Kannawa Onsen/ Yufugawa Valley→Tuetate Onsen/Hita・Mameda-machi/Mabashi-Belly→Blue Gate→Rakan Temple→Ichimoku-Hakkei).
I took a walk about 8 hours by bus and walking in Beppu city.
I am glad to be of service to you.

1.【Start】Beppu Station

Beppu station@Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita)
The bronze statue is “KumaHachi Abuyraya” which is loved as a beneficiary of Beppu, sightseeing father of Beppu.
He has a slightly quirky appearance.
It is an image that he has come down from heaven and calls “Hey!”.

Tourist bus (pink color)

2.Myoban area

2-1.Okamotoya Shop

Jigoku-mushi Pudding@Okamotoya Shop
You can eat the original “Jigoku-Mushi Pudding(hell steam method)”

▼Okamotoya Shop


Yunohana-Goya@Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita)
The symbol of the Myoban area is “Yunohana Goya”.
“Younohana Goya(with The Straw-thatched roof) is a factory that continues to make “Yunohana” from the Edo period.
“Yunohana” is designated as “important intangible folk cultural property of the country”.

Yunohana-Goya@Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita)
Since the process of “Yunohana” can be observed for free, let’s go “Myoban Yunosato” by all means.

▼Myoban Yunosato

2-3.Mixed bathing of “Beppu Onsen Hoyou(Nursing) Land”! Mud hot spring

Mixed bathing of "Beppu Onsen Hoyou(Nursing) Land"! Mud hot spring
There is an unusual “(mineral) mud hot spring” in the alum area.
It is “open-air” and “mixed bathing”.
Mixing difficulty level is quite low, so even those who are not familiar will be fine.

▼Beppu Onsen Hoyou(Nursing) Land

Tourist bus (pink color)

2-4.Umi-Jigoku (sea hell)

Umi-jigoku(sea hell)@Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita)
“Sea hell” has beauty that does not suit “Hell”.
It seems to be cool but there are about 98 degrees.
Can you see the torii over the pond?
Since “Hakuryu Inari Taijin” is installed alongside, you can also pray for. god

▼Umi Jigoku (Sea Hell)

2.Steaming Hell Snack!

Steaming Hell Snack!@Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita)
There are several shops selling snacks “stealing hell” in the hell area
By all means, let’s eat sweet potatoes or eggs steamed in natural hell.

3.Chinoike-jigoku (Bloody Hell Pond)

Chinoike-jigoku (Bloody Hell Pond) @Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita)
As the name suggests, it is a red hell like “blood”.
Since “footbath” is installed, it is also good to soak your legs in a pond.

▼Chinoike-jigoku (Bloody Hell Pond)

5.Beppu Tower

Beppu Tower
There is a bus stop inside the Beppu Tower, saying just below the Beppu Tower or saying it is underneath.
Because You are in the Beppu Tower, You can not see the Beppu Tower.
But You have arrived at the Beppu Tower so do not look for Beppu Tower.

▼Beppu Tower

6.Takegawara Onsen

Takegawara Onsen@Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita)
In front of “Takegawa Onsen” , neighbor (?) was taking a nap at the bench.
Let’s take a bath with other tourists and local people.

▼Takegawara Onsen


7.Beppu Station


8.【Goal】Ryukyu Bowl at Oita Air Port

Ryukyu-bowl@Oita Air Port
Even though it is “Ryukyu(mean Okinawa)”, it is a famous food of Oita.
It is an Oita regional cuisine.
Fresh fish such as horse mackerel, mackerel, yellowtail, and kanpachi are pickled in sauce, sake.
And they ware put on rices.
There are various opinions in the origin of the name, such as recipes being conveyed from fishermen of the “Ryukyusu”.

▼Kannawa Onsen(Spa) at night

Kannawa Onsen/Hot Springs (Beppu,Oita)
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▼4-day schedule

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