Hita・Mameda-machi Sightseeing At Sunset(Oita)

I made a long stay at “Tuetate Onsen” and arrived in Hita after 16 o’clock.
I went sightseeing sightseeing of “Hita · Mameda-machi” which was the place directly under the Edo shogunate.

Local food “Hita Yakisoba(fried noodles)”

Local food "Hita Yakisoba"
There is a unique “Yakisoba(fried noodles)” in Hita.
I ate “Hita Yakisoba(fried noodles)” at Mikuma-hanten(みくま飯店)
Let’s try it!!


Pine tree like clouds(叢雲(むらくも)の松) of Kuma Yasaka Shrine

Pine tree like clouds of Kuma Yasaka Shrine
Characters are engraved in the Torii of “Kuma Yasaka Shrine”.

Pine tree like clouds of Kuma Yasaka Shrine
This “pine tree like cloud(叢雲(むらくも)の松)” was overwhelming.

Pine tree like clouds of Kuma Yasaka Shrine
Like a crawl on the ground, the pine stretched out a branch beside it, and it looked like a cloud.

Wandering around “Mameda-machi” at dusk

Wandering around "Mameda-machi" at dusk
When I arrived at “Mameda-machi traditional building group conservation area”, the sun was dusky.
Various shops were closed…

Wandering around "Mameda-machi" at dusk
I take a prayer at a shrine along the river

Wandering around "Mameda-machi" at dusk
I felt that the town returned to the “place of living for local people” rather than “sightseeing spot”

Wandering around "Mameda-machi" at dusk
Shinbashi(新橋) was lighted up.

Wandering around "Mameda-machi" at dusk
I enjoyed the “white-walled townscape” at dusk


Hita specialties! “Yakata boat” floating in Mikumagawa river

Hita specialties! "Yakata boat" floating in Mikumagawa river
Another Hita’s specialty is “Yakata boat” floating in Mikumagawa river.
Because I visited on weekdays in October, I only found two small boats in the distance.
Basically, it seems to make a reservation for every inn, but there are boats for engagement, too.

If you are “wanting to go to the boat by all means”, let’s inquire in advance.

▼日田温泉旅館組合 屋形船

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