【Walking】Sightseeing Spots near Chichibu Station

Chichibu Shrine Kanto

I will show sightseeing spots that you can go on foot from Chichibu Railway “Chichibu Station” “Ohanabakake Station”, Seibu Ikebukuro Line “Seibuti Chichib Station”.

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Chichibu Shrine

“Chichibu Shrine” is one of the three major power spots in the Chichibu area.
You can arrive from Chichibu Railway “Chichibu station” in about 3 minutes on foot.

Chichibu Shrine
The sculpture on “Chozuya” is superb.
“Chozuya” is a place for ritual cleansing of hands and mouth with water when visiting shrines.

Chichibu Shrine
A sacred air drifts through the “Shin-mon(神門)”.

Chichibu Shrine
If you visit the main hall, let’s appreciate the sculpture made around the main hall.

Chichibu Shrine
Can you see “Gingko” on the right side?
The ginkgo was hand-planted by His Imperial Princess Chichibu-miya Setuko .
It seems to be like a woman ‘s plump breast, so it is called’ Breast Ginkgo ‘.

There is “Hahaso-inari shrine”.
Hahaso-inari shrine in chichibu shrine
A small torii were dedicated to “Hahaso-inari shrine”.

▼ 【Official website】 Chichibu Shrine

Walking through the streets with country registration tangible cultural property building

Old-fashioned buildings remain in Chichibu.
Some shops are active.

Kuromon-dori street in Chichibu
In “Kuromon-dori street” there are Soba restaurants and cafes registered for cultural properties(* ̄∇ ̄*)

I love this “Restaurant Parry”.
Restaurant Parry
Can you see a small shrine in front of building?
It seems to call “Ujigami-sama”.
The shop name of “Yasudaya” in the back and the lattice window are also nice.

Restaurant Parry
Although the name is “Parry”, the menu is “bowl”, “Western food”, “Chinese food” and like a mass eatery.

Restaurant Parry
I decided to eat chicken rice.
On the plate (hidden in association) “Parry” logo is stamped, it is fashionable.
※It is not shown in the photograph…

Restaurant Parry
There was a chair for the cat beside the stove.
I Recommend for those who feel crushing in the word “Showa Retro”.
※ Because there was not “Chichibu specialty gourmet”, we do not recommend to those who want to eat “local cuisine”

Koike cigarette store in Chichibu
“Koike cigarette store” has beauty that seemed to come shopping, without anything to buy.

Jigen-ji temple

Jigen-ji temple in temple
“Jigen-ji temple” is known as “Eye Temple”.
The sculpture of the main hall is splendid.

Jigen-ji temple in chichibu
Many ema designing “character of eyes(め)” were dedicated.


Ota Amaike dou chichibu branch(Sweet bean jelly shop)

Ota Amaike dou chichibu branch(Sweet bean jelly shop)
A famous Sweet bean jelly shop of Ogano gave a branch to Chichibuヽ( ̄▼ ̄*)ノ
It has been 214 years since They started manufacturing Sweet bean jelly in Ogano Town.
There is also a bite size Sweet bean jelly, so please try it.

1 hour 20 minutes to Ikebukuro by Seibu Railway “Limited Express Red Arrow”

1 hour 20 minutes to Ikebukuro by Seibu Railway "Limited Express Red Arrow"
On the way back, Seibu Railway’s “Limited Express Red Arrow” is useful.
You can go to Ikebukuro station without transferring.


【MAP】sightseeing spot of Chichibu · Nagatoro!

▼Let’s visit Nagatoro together!!


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