Chichibu and Nagatoro! Recommended plan 【Nagatoro edition】

Chichibu and Nagatoro! Recommended plan 【Nagatoro edition】 Kanto

You can enjoy “Chichibu” “Nagatoro” from the metropolitan area on a day trip.
There is nature, old-fashioned buildings, shrines, and you can spend a fulfilling time.

▼Chichibu edition

【Walking】Sightseeing Spots near Chichibu Station
I will show sightseeing spots that you can go on foot from Chichibu Railway "Chichibu Station" "Ohanabakake Station", Se...

1.You can access to Nagatoro by Steam Locomotive

There are several routes from Ikebukuro station (Tokyo) to Nagatoro(Saitama).
But this time, I accessed with Tobu Tojo Line → Chichibu Line.

▼SL runs in the Chichibu line from March to December
SL Pareo Express

2.Mr.Hodo-san Ropeway

nagatoro station(chichibu-line)
In the season of the wintersweet trees, a shuttle bus runs from Nagatoro Station to “Mr.Hodo-san Ropeway Foothills Station” (operation day, confirmation required).

Hodo-san Ropeway
We will climb about 250m to “Hodo-san summit station” in “Monkey-gou” in 5 minutes.
You can also hike.

▼Mr.Hodo-san Ropeway

3.Nagatoro Hodosan Wintersweet Garden

>Nagatoro Hodosan Wintersweet Garden
When stepping on your legs in the garden, a smelling fragrance drifts and a you’ll smile.
When I visited, it was too early, So Wintersweet were not blooming too much.

Nagatoro Hodosan Wintersweet Garden
Depending on the trees, beautiful Wintersweet is blooming.

Nagatoro Hodosan Wintersweet Garden

4.Hodosan Shrine Okumiya

Hodosan Shrine Okumiya
Let’s visit “Hodosan Shrine Okumiya” together with Nagatoro Hodosan Wintersweet Garden.

Nagatoro Hodosan Wintersweet Garden
Holy air is flowing.

Hodosan Shrine Okumiya
The “guardian dog” in Okumiya are wolfs with fangs.

Hodosan Shrine Okumiya
You can take a break while watching the mountains of Chichibu thought the torii.

Take the “Hodo-san Ropeway” on the way back and go to “Hodo-san Ropeway Foothills Station”.
Let’s walk without taking a shuttle bus.

5.Hodosan Shrine

Hodosan Shrine
You go down from “Hodo-san Ropeway Foothills Station” for about 5 minutes, you will reach “Hodo-san Shrine”.

Hodosan Shrine
The shrine restored about 6 years ago in the sitting memorial service, the sculptures are wonderful, glossy coloring is given.

Hodosan Shrine
It is a wonderful dragon.

▼Hodosan Shrine

6.Nagatoro Valley

Nagatoro Valley
There is a valley called “Iwa-datami” on the other side across the railroad track of Chichibu Railway with Hodo-san.

Nagatoro Valley
The raised crystal schist is lined up as “Iwa-datami”.

Nagatoro Valley
The Nagatoroko Valley is designated as a scenic spot or natural monument of the country.
“River Boating” while watching rocks is popular.

▼Nagatoro River Boating

Nagatoro Valley
It is a shopping area between Nagatoro station and Nagatoro Valley.

▼ The picture is “Oosawaya” of beans.
“Sweet bean with kinako” is recommended.

7.Nagatoro Station

Nagatoro Station
The glass of the station building is old-fashioned fluctuating glass, so the view from inside the station building is gentle.
Take the Chichibu Railroad and head for “Chichibu”.

▼ Timetable of Chichibu Railway Nagaoka Station

▼【Walking】Sightseeing Spots near Chichibu Station

【Walking】Sightseeing Spots near Chichibu Station
I will show sightseeing spots that you can go on foot from Chichibu Railway "Chichibu Station" "Ohanabakake Station", Se...

8.Nagatoro Chichibu Sightseeing Map


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