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Besshi copper mine site/Machu Picchu of the Orient(Ehime)

Besshi copper mine site/Machu Picchu of the Orient(Ehime)

Besshi copper mine was in the foothills of the Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture. It was discovered in 1690, until the closure in 1973, consistently was management by "Sumitomo Zaibatu". Now it has been developed as a "Maintopia Besshi" ▼Maintopia Besshi(Japanese) http://besshi.com/ Hadeba Zone Hadeba Zone is a gateway of the "Maintopia Besshi". ▼Old hydroelectric power plant This hydroelectric power plant had to supply electricity as a power source of besshi copper mine. Can you see it is covered with black soot? During the Second World War, soot has been painted in order to avoid the air raid. ▼Pintorasu Bridge This ...



2016/04/29   -Ehime, Shikoku

Uchiko is a town that has flourished in Japan wax. There are still streets at the time. ※about Half-day course. 【Start】JR Uchiko Station ↓ Walk ↓ Uchiko-za(Playhouse) Uchiko-za was built in 1916(Taisho five years) by the wealthy people called "Danna-syu". It seems to come hear buzz of audience at the time. ↓ Akinai to Kurashi Museum (Museum of History and Folklore) Pharmacy stores and houses from the Edo to the Meiji era has been reproduced. I was impressed to make a playful house ↓ Asahi-kan(Moving Picture Theater) The local volunteers built Asahi-kan in 1925 as Moving Picture Theater. ↓ Around ...

Garyu Sanso (mountain cottage)/Ozu,Ehime

Garyu Sanso (mountain cottage)/Ozu,Ehime

2016/04/23   -Ehime, Shikoku
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Garyu Sanso is a villa which was built in the Meiji era. The wealthy merchant at the time said"I want to spend the rest of my life here,Ozu's premier scenic spots" ,and built it. It is a mountain cottage garden that won one star “Myushuran Green Tourism Guide Japon”. Garyu-in(Main house) Garyu-in is the main house which sticks to the details. You can not take pictures in the house. You should feel the house in the five senses. Japanese Garden One of the stepping stones have been dug a square hole. The flowers were decorated in its hole, like a picture ...

Garyu Sanso (mountain cottage)

Ozu Called "Little Koyto of Iyo"/Ehime

Ozu was developed as a castle town in Edo Period. From Matsuyama to "Iyoozu Station" of the nearest station, is 36 minutes by express train. 【Start】Iyoozu Station ↓ Walk 20 min ↓ "Ohanahan dori street"(Old Street) "Ohanahan" is the name of the television drama that was broadcast in 1966-67. And here was the Shooting location. This old town has the nostalgic atmosphere. ↓ Walk ↓ Ozu red brick building(Ozu Akarenga Kan) Ozu red brick building was built in 1901 (1901) as Ozu commercial banks. It is a red brick structure of the "United Kingdom loading", the roof was made by ...

Dogo Onsen Honkan

Dogo onsen(Hot spring)/Matsuyama,Ehime

Speaking of Dogo Onsen, Dogo Onsen Honkan(main building) is famous. But, there are many places you should go. 【Start】Dōgo Park (Yuzuki Castle Ruins) You should get off tram at Dōgo Park(Dōgo Koen). You can be relaxed. ↓ walk 10minutes ↓ Isaniwa Shrine Isaniwa Shine Honden(main hall), a rare example of Hachiman-zukuri and an Important Cultural Property. From the top of the stone steps, you can overlook the rooftops of Dogo Onsen ↓ 【Goal】Dogo Onsen Honkan Dogo Onsen is known as Japan’s oldest hot spring. Dōgo Onsen is best known forDōgo Onsen Honkan. In Dogo Onsen Honkan, you can choose from ...

Matsuyama Castle

Matsuyama Castle(Ehime)

2016/04/18   -Ehime, Shikoku

You can go around the tourist destination easy in Matsuyama city,because public transportation is developed. First, you must go Matsuyama Castle. 【Start】JR Matsuyama Station ↓ Tram line5/160en ↓ [tram stop]Matuyama city hall You can take a photo the tram and the Matsuyama Castle. ↓ walk ↓ Hachikoenoki Daimyojin This "Hachikoenoki Daimyojin" is a place that has not been posted on the tourist guide. You can see the red torii consecutive. ↓ walk ↓ Bansui-sou Bansui-sou was built in the pure French style, by whom France life was longer as the Army military attaché. It is a "French-style architecture" of Japanese ...

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