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Hie Shrine(Akasaka,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo)

Hie Shrine(Akasaka,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo)Don't miss Snnou-torii gate,and many red torii gates

Sannou Torii gates Hie Shrine has a unusual great torii gates. Something like a mountain is on top of the general torii. "Sanno torii" at Sotobori-Street. From the moment you came through the torii, the noise of the city goes away. This type of Torii gate is called "Sannou-torii". It is said that represents the coalescence of Buddhism and Shinto. The god of Hie shrine has been revered as the god of Amulet, easy delivery, marriage, business prosperity. Let's pray. Monkey was famous when speaking Hiyoshi from long ago. It seems that the monkey came to be treasured as a ...

Kanda Myojin Shrine(Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo)

Kanda Myojin Shrine(Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo)

Kanda Myojin Shrine IF you access from the "Ochanomizu Station of the Marunouchi Line", you will evade this big torii. Zuishin-Mon "Zuishin-Mon" means the gate to worship the God who prevent the incoming evil. Lion mountain(Shishi-yama) Parents are pushed down their little lions in the valley. The little lions will climb the cliff and go back their parents. The parents admit only little lions,who can climb up the cliff as "their children" . This image shows such a story. Daikoku-sama statues This Daikokusama is the largest in Japan as the stone . Ebisu-sama statues I thought "God was surfing". But ...

Yasukuni Shrine

Yasukuni Shrine and Chidorigafuchi Cheery Blossom Sakura(Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo)

【Start】Iidabashi Station ↓ You can enjoy cherry trees along the river. ↓ Yasukuni Shrine South Gate Yasukuni Shrine Yasukuni Shrine is a place that has a special meaning for the Japanese. Because the soldiers who gave their lives for the country, are enshrined. Many Cheery Blossoms have nameplate on written of troops name. The soul of the soldiers will exist in the cherry tree,I think. So, please do not step on their roots. Haiden (Main Hall) Please pay your respects, when you come here. Daiichi Torii (First Shrine Gate or Great Gate) ↓ Chidorigafuchi Chidorigafuchi green road has extended along ...

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