「Shizuoka」 一覧


Izu Peninsula Sightseeing South,West(Shizuoka)

In less than an hour by Shinkansen from Tokyo Station, arrived to "Atami Station" in the entrance of the Izu Peninsula. In the Izu Peninsula, public transportation is inconvenient. So, I will recommend the move in your car rental. 1.Cape Irozaki Irozaki is located in the southernmost tip of the Izu Peninsula, is also a scenic area. On the reverse side of this rock, there is a "Kumano shrine". You can also enjoy a cruise. ▼Izu Cruse(Japanese Only) http://www.izu-kamori.jp/izu-cruise/ 2.Hirizo Hama Beach You can go only by ferry "Hirizo Hama Beach". The ship to the Hirizo Hama Beach will be ...

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