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First, Visit the main hall of "Hatomori Hachiman Jinjya Shrine"

Climbing Sendagaya Fuji at the Hatomori-Hachiman jinjya shrine! (Shibuya-ku,Tokyo)

There are several "Miniature Fuji" called "Fuji-duka" in Tokyo. This time I climbed "Sendagaya Fuji" at Hatomori-Hachiman jinjya shrine. What is "Fuji-duka"? They are artificial mountains built by imitating Mount Fuji during the Edo period. They were built by "Fuji-kou" which is an organization of "Fuji Faith". If you climb Fuji-duka, you can get the same experience as you climbed Mt. Fuji. So, people who can not climb Mt. Fuji due to various circumstances have climbed Fuji-duka. First, Visit the main hall of "Hatomori Hachiman Jinjya Shrine" I arrived to "Hatomori Hachiman Jinjya Shrine" with Sendagaya Fuji at less than ...

Kyu Asakura House [Important Cultural Property]

Things to do in Daikanyama(Shibuya-ku,Tokyo)

Daikanyama is a town known for cafes and shopping. There are some facilities you can feel the "Japan" in such Daikanyama. Kyu Asakura House [Important Cultural Property] Kyu Asakura House(Former Residence of the Asakura Family)was built in 1919 by Torajiro Asakura. It survived the Great Kanto Earthquake and the World War2. In house and garden, You can feel the "Taisho Roman". You can stroll through the Japanese garden. The shadow of the leaves of the trees reflected in the garden stone was beautiful. To the house inside You can see the garden, such as a painting from inside the room. ...

Yoyogi Park Autumn Leaves(shibuya-ku,Tokyo)

Yoyogi Park Autumn Leaves(shibuya-ku,Tokyo)

You can enjoy "autumn leaves" in Yoyogi Park Yellow Carpet made of the ginkgo leaves. You can relax sitting on a bench. Colorful fallen leaves. There is also a pond. Have a good day!! ▼how to get to yoyogi park http://www.tokyometro.jp/en/attractions/yoyogi_park/ December 1,2015

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