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Beppu station@Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita)

Oita · Beppu【3 nights 4days】I Recommend these spots

2017/03/03   -Kyushu, Oita

I traveled by airplane from Narita Airport to Oita Airport in October 2016. I traveled around sightseeing spots in Oita Prefecture,Beppu. Even if it does not become a "model course", I am happy if I can help you. 【Day1】Kannawa Onsen(Spa) Oita Airport There is "footbath" at the airport, and you can eat specialty dishes. Just passing is wasteful! ▼Oita airport→Beppu station→Kannawa Onsen(Spa) Oita airport→Beppu station→Kannawa Onsen(Spa) ↓ Bus ↓ Beppu station Bus ↓ Kannawa Onsen/Hot Springs ▼Kannawa Onsen/Hot Springs Kannawa Onsen/Hot Springs (Beppu,Oita) 【Day2】To Hita and Mameda via Tuetate Onsen This is a recommended course with car rental. You can ...

Umi-jigoku(sea hell)@Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita)

Sightseeing Near Beppu(Oita)

This day was the last day of 3 nights 4 days Oita journey (Kannawa Onsen/ Yufugawa Valley→Tuetate Onsen/Hita・Mameda-machi/Mabashi-Belly→Blue Gate→Rakan Temple→Ichimoku-Hakkei). I took a walk about 8 hours by bus and walking in Beppu city. I am glad to be of service to you. 【Start】Beppu Station The bronze statue is "KumaHachi Abuyraya" which is loved as a beneficiary of Beppu, sightseeing father of Beppu. He has a slightly quirky appearance. It is an image that he has come down from heaven and calls "Hey!". ↓ Tourist bus (pink color) ↓ Myoban area Okamotoya Shop You can eat the original "Jigoku-Mushi Pudding(hell ...


Mabashi-Belly→Buffet of Yamakuni Road Station→Blue Gate→Rakan Temple→Ichimoku-Hakkei→Hot Spa near Beppu Station (Oita)

2017/02/11   -Kyushu, Oita, 未分類

I will return to Beppu with sightseeing , after Hita (Mameda Town). I recommended this plan for touring(motor cycle) or drive. Mabashi-Belly I decided to take a stroll through "Mabashi-Belly" which is also called "Takachiho" of Yamakuni. The landscape of Mabashi-Belly and "Nenbutu-bashi Bridge" was lovely. You can see the emerald green heart here!! Hadaka Rice Terrace Lunch Biking at "Road Station Yamakuni" was from 11 o'clock so I went to Hadaka Rice Terrace. It was in "Autumn of Japan". Buffet of Road Station Ymakuni You can eat side dishes that are using local ingredients in a buffet style. Tempura ...

Nostalgic hot-spring town! Tuetate Onsen

Yufugawa Valley→Tuetate Onsen/Spa (Oita/Kumamoto)

2017/02/06   -Kyushu, Oita

The next day after enjoying the Kannawa Hot Spa(Onsen), I rent a motorcycle to "Tuetate Hot Spring → Hita (Mameda)". You can rent a car. You can move to "Tuetate Onsen/Spa" or "Hita" by public transportation. Yufugawa Valley First of all I visited the Yufugawa Valley. According to information gained in advance, there are places where the road has been stopped due to the landslide that occurred in the summer of 2015 / Kumamoto · Oita earthquake (January 2017). So I head to "Tsubaki entrance". I reached "Tsubaki entrance" and I was able to get off to the Yufugawa Valley. ...

Yu-kemuri(Steam)area@kannawa onsen,beppu

Kannawa Onsen/Hot Springs (Beppu,Oita)

From Oita Airport, You arrived at Kannawa Onsen. Now, let's enjoy Kannawa Onsen. ============ 1.Speaking of Kannawa Onsen, "Steam"!!4 ways to enjoy steam 1-1.Enjoy Steam Food at Facilities 1-2.Enjoy Steam Food at hotel,Ryokan 1-3.Enjoy Steam foot bath 1-4.Enjoy "kannawa mushiyu" 2.Let 's take a walk through Kannawa Onsen area. 3.【Homemade】Kannawa Onsen walk map ============ 1.Speaking of Kannawa Onsen, "Steam"!!4 ways to enjoy steam Kannawa area has benn famous for Steam Food, Jigoku-mushi, since the Edo period . Jigoku-mushi use hot steam from the jigoku onsen. 1-1.Enjoy Steam Food at Facilities There are two facilities where you can enjoy "Steam Food, ...

Foot Spa@Oita Airport

Oita airport→Beppu station→Kannawa Onsen(Spa)

I will show you how to enjoy Oita airport, and access to Beppu station and Kannawa Onsen(Spa). How to enjoy Oita Airport Let's eat Local food Oita prefecture has lots of specialties. At Oita Airport, you can eat specialty dishes from Oita Prefecture. Set meals that can eat Oita specialty "Dango soup" and "Chicken rice" together. Ryukyu-Bowl The bowl that fish fillet with soy sauce(and so on) on rice ▼Nanase (Japanese) http://www.oita-airport.jp/en/shops/5.html ▼There is also a sushi shop:Sora http://www.oita-airport.jp/en/shops/6.html Let's enjoy Foot Spa There is a foot spa sourced from a free-flowing hot spring available to use free of charge. ...

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