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Banai Tokachi(Banei Horse Racing)

From Obihiro Airport!Obihiro sightseeing(0.5day)Hokkaido

2017/03/07   -Hokkaido

From Haneda Airport, I took JAL and left for Obihiro Airport. And I used public transport to visit Obihiro half a day from the afternoon. 【13: 45 Start】 Departing from Obihiro Airport ↓ ▼ Bus timetable from Obihiro Airport to Obihiro station http://www.tokachibus.jp/%E7%A9%BA%E6%B8%AF%E9%80%A3%E7%B5%A1%E3%83%90%E3%82%B9/?lang=en ↓ 【13: 55】幸福駅・kofuku(Happiness)Station (Happiness Bus Station) I arrived at "Happiness bus stop" in about 10 minutes from Obihiro Airport. For those in the English-speaking world, it may be hard to understand, but for those using 漢字, no explanation is necessary. "幸福(kofuku)" means "happiness" in Japanese. "Happiness station" was the station name in the Former national railway Hiroo ...

Hiking on ice and snow to taushubetsu river bridge

Taushubetsu River Bridge Tour in Winter(Kami-Shihoro,Hokkaido)

You can take a day trip from Obihiro station in Hokkaido to "Nukabira HOTSPA town". I participated in a tour that hiked on ice and snow to Hokkaido heritage "taushubetsu river bridge", with hot springs, round trip bus tickets. ※By appointment only/Wintre only※ ▼About "Nukabira HOTSPA"tour(2017) http://www.tokachibus.jp/2016/11/30/5317/ ※Japanese langage Only Move from Obihiro station to Nukabira HOTSPA by "Tokachi bus" I departed from Obihiro Station Bus Terminal at 7:10 to Nukabira HOTSPA. The bus was pretty crowded,because high school students go to high school on the way. It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to Nukabira. It takes about ...

Ice breaker GARINKO GOⅡ(Only Winter)

Monbetsu in winter(Hokkaido)

I moved from Lake Akan to Monbetsu by East Hokkaido Express Bus. Because I would to participate in the drift ice cruise. ▼East Hokkaido Express Bus http://www.easthokkaido.com/english/bus/ Downtown of Monbetsu in Winter I liked retro cityscape. Ice breaker GARINKO GOⅡ(Only Winter) If you are lucky,you can see drift ice. Sea with thin ice. The sky is reflected on the surface of the sea. Garinko GOII goes while crushing drift ice. The eagle stood on the top of the ice floe. Since the waves are trapped in ice, the sea was quiet. You can see the Monbetu town over the drift ...

Lake Akan in Winter(Hokkaido)

Lake Akan almost freezes in the winter. But hot spring has sprung from here and there in the Akan. There was a habitat of the Ainu. They have nurtured a beautiful landscape. ▼You can get more information from AKAN TOURISM INFO http://www.lake-akan.com/en/ Lake Akan in Evening Bokke Hot Springs has spouting from the edge of the Lake Akan. So the area doesn't freeze, comes out steam. Inari Shrine Lake Akan Snow that piled up on the mountain, dyed in the sunset. Ainu Village I could see fullmoon!! Lake Akan in Night Fireworks Every year, Lake Akan Ice Festival will be ...

Lake Mashu

Kushiro→Lake Akan(→Kushiro)/Hokkaido Bus Tour

I took part in a bus tour of  "White Pirika Go". →http://uu-hokkaido.com/corporate/akanbus.shtml Guide was Japanese only Kushiro station You can get on bus from "Fisherman's Wharf MOO" or "Kushiro Prince Hotel",too. ↓ Tsurumidai(Observatory of crane) if you are lucky ,you can see cranes(a kind of birds). ↓ Lake Kussharo if you are lucky ,you can see swan(a kind of birds). This area is called "Sunayu(sand spa)". The volcanic activity is still active and when you dig the sand, heated water is exposed. ↓ Iouzan (a sulfur mine) You can smell sulfur and hear the steam bubbling up. ↓ Lunch You ...

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