Rikugien Gardens Cherry Blossom(Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)

There is a Weeping cherry tree in Rikugien. When I visited Rikugien , The cherry tree was in half bloom. E...

Mt.Mitake Autumn leaves(Oume-shi,Tokyo)

You can go mt.Mitake(known as autumn leaves) in two and a half hours less than from Shinjuku. You can climb in a cabl...

Shakujii Park(Nerima-ku,Tokyo)

Shakujii Park is a metropolitan park in the residential area. In the pond, you can enjoy a boat. Neighbors take ...

Yoyogi Park Autumn Leaves(shibuya-ku,Tokyo)

You can enjoy "autumn leaves" in Yoyogi Park Yellow Carpet made of the ginkgo leaves. You can relax sitting on...

Gingko lined street at Meijijingu Ganen(Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo)

Ginkgo trees of Meiji Jingu dyed in yellow when it comes to autumn. You can see the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery,...

Shinjuku Gyoen in Autumn( shinjuku-ku,Tokyo)

You can walk fron Shinjuku station to Shinjuku Gyoen in ten minutes. You can see Autumn leaves in Autumn. Lea...
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