「Nishitokyo-shi」 一覧

Tanashi Shrine(Nishitokyo-shi,Tokyo)

Must see Tanashi Shrine's sculpture(Nishi-Tokyo-shi,Tokyo)

To Tanashi Shrine, it takes 40 minutes by train or bus from Shinjuku Station. Apart from the city center, it is not a sightseeing spot. But the sculpture is worth seeing. Go along the approach of Tanashi Shrine! There are many sights in the premises. It is Dousoshin-God (right back), and the stone guardian's face is pleasant. You can fish a Omikuji (lottery/red snapper) with a fishing rod. Crossing the Shinkyo bridge(God bridge), the hall of worshipers came. The hall of worshipers is Tokyo designated tangible cultural heritage The hall of worshipers of Tanashi Shrine was said to have been ...

Worship "Otuka" at Higashisen-Inari-Shrine(Nishitokyo-shi, Tokyo)

Worship "Otuka" at Higashifushimi-Inari-Shrine(Nishitokyo-shi, Tokyo)

fushimi-inari-taisha shrine in Kyoto is known for "Senbon Torii/thousand Torii/千本鳥居". The Inari religious believers in the Kanto region were eager to built "fushimi-inari-taisha shrine in Kyoto also in Tokyo!". In cooperation with Kyoto fushimi-inari-taisha shrine, it was divided in 1929. I think "Higashisen Inari shrine" means "East Fushimi Inari". From "Higashi-fushimi station" of Seibu Shinjuku line, we pass through residential area in around 7 minutes and reach Higashisen-Inari-Shrine. Fox, not Guardian dog, will welcome us. Hall of worship Let's Worship "Otuka"!! Inari Daimyo-jin has a variety of treasures. Each name is attached to each virtue and made it materialize. We ...

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