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Climbing Jujo Fujiduka at Jujo Fuji Shrine

After climbing Jujo Fujiduka at Jujo Fuji Shrine, walking around jujo (Kita-ku, Tokyo)

2017/01/25   -Kita-ku, Tokyo

I enjoyed "Climbing Mount Fuji" in the Jujo area within walking distance from Oji Shrine and Oji Inari shrine. Climbing Jujo Fujiduka at Jujo Fuji Shrine "Jujo Fujiduka" is familiar to the name of "O-Fuji-san" for local. In the Edo period, the common people who can not go to Mt. Fuji climbed this Jujo-fuji as Mt. Fuji. Like "Komagome Fuji", there is the stairs that has been maintained. There is a lion dog at the side of the approach. It may be that "Fuji" was drawn on the foundation part. At the summit, there is a small shrine of "Jujo ...

Wishing for "Mr. Fox and Mr. Stone" at Oji Inari shrine(Kita-ku,Tokyo)

Wishing for "Mr. Fox and Mr. Stone" at Oji Inari shrine(Kita-ku,Tokyo)

2016/11/11   -Kita-ku, Tokyo

I visited "Oji Shrine" in "Tour of Tokyo Ten Shrines", I found that there was "Oji Inari shrine" nearby. It has been "Leader of Inari shrine in Kanto" it seems that it has been popular with the common people since the Edo period. The main approach is only available on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays You will reach "Oji Inari shrine about 10 minute walk from Oji Station. I took this picture from the entranceway, looking back to the front gate. Can you see the slide on the right side? Actually, This main approach is in the nurseries (kindergarten). So it ...

Oji Shrine(Kita-ku,Tokyo)

Oji Shrine(Kita-ku,Tokyo)

2016/11/01   -Kita-ku, Tokyo

Oji Shrine "Oji Shrine" is one of the Tokyo 10 Shrines. Feudal lord Toshima is welcomed Oji-Taijin from Kishu Kumano (Now in Wakayama) three Shrines. It is said the landscape was trimmed like Kumano. There is a shrine "Seki shrine" in the precincts. "God of hair" has been enshrined in "Seki shrine". Tori-no-ichi Festival(Market) "Tori-no-ichi Festival(Market)" is commonly held at "Tori's Day" in November. At Oji shrine, it is held on December 6 every year. Although the scale is small, stalls will open. Of course, the "Kumade" are also sold. Let's enjoy the atmosphere of "Tori-no-ichi Festival(Market)" Attraction near Oji ...

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