「Kanagawa」 一覧

"Silver grass" in Sengokugahara

Hakone Model Course (autumn)Kanagawa

Hakone(Kanagawa) has a lot of attractions. I recommended "Silver grass" in Sengokugahara in the early fall. From Shinjuku To Hakone ※Timetable is valid in November 2016※ ※Click here to confirm the current information※ 【Start!】08:05AM Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal(バスタ新宿) Odakyu Hakone Highway bus ※The bus leaves in 30-minute intervals from Shinjuku to Hakone Area ※But terer is few bus to "Hakone Odakyu Yama no hotel(near Hakone shirine)". ↓ Bus stop【10:38】Hakone Odakyu Yama no hotel 3minutes walk ↓ Hakone Shrine You can see Lake Ashinoko over red torii. Guardian lion-dog at Shinto shrine covered with moss was cute. ↓ Bus stop【12:35】Hakone Odakyu ...

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